" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World ( presentyl in Equador)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 11 Feb 2010 13:24
04.00 hrs  The Skipper took over watch, the wind was light at 14knots fine on the starboard bow,
We were motor sailing at 6 knots over the ground and the sky was cloudy,
06.00hrs, It actually got chilly so the Skipper had to go looking for a wind jacket to keep warm.
               Imagine that nearly on the equator and its chilly, Wow
               Next item on the agenda, the Blog and emails, The daily duties....
08.00hrs, the tide turned ,so for the first time we had a 1 knot current with us, but still cloudy and still Motor Sailing.
09.10 hrs  We Crossed the EQUATOR, still wearing the jacket,
10.30hrs, More Fishermen, We gave them crisps and peanuts and they gave us a huge Mahi Mahi fish, we taught we did well out of that transaction.
Otherwise it was a lazy morning, with the staff reading and taking naps.
12.00hrs  More fisherman, Fat's decided to give them buiscuits this time, but guess what, yeah, missed their boat and fucked the precious
packet into the sea, What a Langer, if he wasent so friggin big, we would have thrown him in to retrieve them ourselves..
Kevin had a look at the hand held G.P.S at the request of  the Skipper, but failed to get it up and running,
we had " Frankfurthers" for lunch and they filled the gap,
 the afternoon was boring, clouds and nothing to do till Donal did the dinner at 19.00hrs
This was the Fish we got earlier from the fishermen, and it was just lovely and mild.
Night Watches :-      Kevin  .................21.00hrs  to 01.00hrs
                               Fat's....................01.00hrs  to  05.00hrs
                               Skipper.............../o5.00hrs   to 09.00 hrs
thats it for today,
Signed :- Stephen Hyde ,  (skipper )