Sailing around the World.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 21 Feb 2011 01:36
We had a late morning, still stuffed after last nights feast.
Aileen went off to the computer room with " Mo" to work on her laptop, and also discovered that " Lady Eve V1" had
left port with out saying good  bye.
Skipper , Herman, and Hans made a trip to Marina Bahai in the rib., to visit the chandelry for some pipe, but all in vain, they will have to
travel further afield to get what they want,
Ohhhh, it was very hot, gosh ,it does get hot around here during the day.
We had a long chat with Mo, and skipper showed him a photo of the " Bubbly Bev " which he sent to the blog on the 24 Nov
last year, but obviously never arrived to the site.
according to the Indian Ocean cruising Guide, the Iridium system has lots of dropped mail, and this photo was one of them .
God only knows how many other emails, blogs and photo's to and from the boat met the same fate.
Aileen did some washing while skipper did the clearance papers for leaving port.
Later, Jim from " Ocean Jasper" held an engagement party for himself and his new partner Annie,  Annie was part of the
shop called " Botique Natique" in Mackay in Australia, and we had a great night, lots of drink and bits to eat,
and we, as usual, solved all the worlds problems,
The main topic of conversation was the hijacking of an american yacht by Somalia Pirates in the last few days,
the boat was sailing with the " Blue water Rally" and were heading up to the gulf on their way to the Suez Canal
when the incident happened,
We also heard later that the " Blue Water rally" had cancelled their next world trip , scheduled for 2012 due to lack of numbers.
Thats al for today
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )