Fw: The U.S.A.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 13 Jun 2011 12:32

MONDAY  13th  JUNE  2011
We are well behind our schedule now as we reached the half way mark to New York from Bermuda,
The light 9 knot breeze is fine on the starboard bow, and progress is slow enough, even with the engine running.
However, at our present speed, we should reach our destination early Wednesday morning,
The last couple of days have been mostly uneventfull, with winds ranging from 4 knots to 36 knots,
sometimes behind us and other times right on the nose,  Yesterday , we had " A Lady " goosewinging on three seperate
occasions, and on two different gybes, plus wind on the nose from both sides,  ohhhhhh it would keep the small crew very busy
and in fit condition,
The sea is unusual and as a result we have a scum all over the deck  today, it looks like the residue from a washing machine, but
obviously its not, we had the same stuff all over the deck again on our way up from Virgin Gorda to Bermuda,
However, it does wash of easily enough.
Yesterday Skipper read the manual for the SSB radio inside out, then tuned into " South Bound 2" at 4.30pm local time
to listen to " Herb" talking to all the boats in the Atlantic about the weather they will encounter on their various trips including
our own, ( we could have a tough two days ahead of us )
Herb , gives a free weather service everyday to those that ask, many sailors then send him donations and gifts every year,
especially those that use his service freequently, Herb will also advise on weather routing and when to leave
a port for a given trip, like Bermuda to the  Azores,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )