" A LADY TRIP "Sailing around the world. ( presently leaving the Galapagos)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 8 Mar 2010 15:31
SUNDAY 7th March  2010.       Start day
07.00hrs Cloudy morning, but we are leaving today and there is still things to do.
 The Skipper opened up the primary water filters, There are two of these, one for the engine and generator and the other for the water maker and refridgeration system, the latter getting most use as the refridgeration runs 24,/7
These have to be cleaned every month,as things tend to grow in them and they also collect rubbish being sucked in by the cooling systems,
We use concentrated vinigar to kill anything living in them, this time when the viniger was added to one of the filters, guess what ! out jumped 2 crabs
and shot into the bilge at 100miles an hour, the blighters are still roaming around the bottom of the boat, smelling a bit vinigery.
Graham and John came on board again and lent us a laptop with all the maps and gps needed for the trip.We definatly wont get lost with
all the maps and associated bits now on board. Thats one of the big advantages of sailing in a group,
No matter what goes wrong, there is always someone that will know how to fix the problem.
10.30hrs Skipper and Fats started the process of retriving the bow and stern anchors, this took about 1 hour and was easier than expected.
11.45hrs, Fifteen minutes to the start of the next leg, so we motored quickley to the starting line and stored the " fortress" anchor on route.
12.00hrs  Bang , and off we went heading WSW in a nice 19knot breeze, towards " Hiva Ora" in the Marquesses Islands ( 3000 miles)
As we were close on the wind , the boat was doing 8knots over the ground, and we were happy out untill we tried to send and recieve mail
The computer was down, Bloody panic , We now have a very poor radio system with a 3 mile range at best , no computer for weather updates
and contact with the rest of the world, and shortly no mobile coverage as we will be out of range.  JUST  !  feckin terrible.
However our N.B.F.'s  ( remember that from previous blogs) ..... ( New Best Friends)  John and Graham, with the help of Jan, Mike, and Charles,
from different boats eventually got us up and running again, all being done by Radio relay. 
Well done guys, all this took hours of real patience .
20.00hrs Aileen cooked a pork chop dinner, it is great to eat in the best restaurant we know again.
The watches for the night,  :-   11.00hrs  to  02.00hrs.............Fats
                                             02.00hrs  to  05.00hrs.............Stephen
                                             05.00hrs  to  08.00hrs..............Aileen
The sea was alive with phospherous once it got dark, and it seemed to come alive with fish glowing in the sea , just below the surface.
An amazing experience not witnessed by any of us before.
The Skippers shoulder is still in trouble, could be from working on the computer at funny angles.
Signed  :- Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )