"A LADY TRIP" AROUND THE WORLD ( presently in the Dutch West Indies. )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 10 Jan 2010 22:58
SATURDAY 9th January 2010
09.00hrs  A slow start, but " Donal" was already ashore checking out the environment we were in.
The rest of us took it nice and easy, and had a light breckfast,
After we tidied up the boat ,we went to town, D& K went of together and were followed by A & S later, we walked along the shore road / prominade
A large Cruise Liner ( " Noordam", Holland American Line ) dominated the whole area and made the town look like toy town. funny, the colour
of the ship was almost black, most unusual in hot climates...
Kevin and Donal did a little provision shopping, and returned to the boat, except the skipper had the keys in his pocket, so they had to taxi
back to town to fetch the keys,   ohhhhhhhh the polava, this is one of those times when everyone is an eejitt, well everyone thinks the other is the eejitt.
 14.00hrs The Skipper & Aileen had a light lunch with cappuchino's , one an iced cappuchino, and it was yummy
15.00 Aileen went and had the hair done, followed by manicures and pedicures, and all this was followed by Mass at 19.00hrs
The skipper ,meanwhile, walked back the prominade to the Lovely "A  LADY" .
On returning , we met " Glenda"  ( our N.B.F. from Champaigne Cher ) and gave her a guided tour of A  LADY,
Later we all went to the marina restaurant called " PATAGONIA" , it was an Argentinian steak house, and the food was first class and
we had plerty of liquid to wash it all down, followed by a couple of IRISH COFFEE's.
We nad a great evening, full of chat and mixed with copious quantities of bullshit.. 
On our return to the ship, we had to examine in detail the photo' albums , look at the good old times
Ohhhhhhh, I cant wait for the night when we get totally rat arsed and start discussing our friend's and THE OTHER ONE'S