Connecticut . USA

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 26 Jun 2011 14:12
SATURDAY  25th  JUNE  2011
Going back to last Thursday, it was a damp morning, skipper packed his bags and Jacinta drove him back to " A Lady"
meanwhile Aileen had all her bags with her and at 14.30 hrs was driven to J.F.K airport in New York, for her flight at 21.50 hrs.
back to Ireland for a couple of weeks,
Skipper got into the generator, removed the MPU. ( magnatic pulse unit) this thing controls the govenor, which in turn controls
the speed of the engine as it comes under load or visa versa,
anyway, the unit was covered in metal fragments, so no wonder its not working properly, a slow clean and all should be ok.
BUT, But, but, it was not to be, sputter, splutter again, ahhhhhhh !
Skipper took it apart again , cleaned it again, but no real improvement, so we just left it there for another time,
Skipper met Jeremy Maxwell ( service manager) and discussed removing & resealing the Saloon windows, remember , we have on going
problems with these leaking since they were installed in early 2007, imagine , these were all new windows at the time,
We also discussed lifting the boat out of the water and having her cleaned and antifouled, after all, it was 12 months ago in " Tahiti"
since the last antifouling job was done,
Jeremy ( from the U.K.) would know the Cudmores, and Joe English, and Denis Doyle ( RIP ) and named many more as well,
everywhere we go, we meet people that know friends at home,
Skipper also met one of the two owners of " Brewers" boat yards, .....................  Rives Potts,
Rives gave skipper his runabout " Smart Car " to go to the store for some goodies,
" Brewer Pilot Point Marina " has 850 berths, and is one of 23 marinas that Brewer own on the east coast, It has fantastic facilities,
including huge indoor and outdoor storage, work shops, offices, a small chandlery, a couple of restaurants and function spaces,
great well maintained showers and toilets, great well maintained grounds , picnick areas, flower beds, fountains, streams,
bicycles, and trollies,  ( and " Stars & Stripes" ) for show under cover. and finally, it has courtasy coaches
which will run you to where ever you want to go, with in reason,
FRIDAY  24th
Skipper got out the fold up bicycle from the Lazerette , put it all together and went for a long trip, well about 15 miles, and had
to turn back as the arse was getting sore, not used to this , so will have to be eased into training,
It is so beautifull around here and great for bikes as it is all so flat, They are big into " Green" and conservation
so all boats are fitted with " black water tanks" for colecting toilet waste, you are not allowed to put it into the water anywhere
around the Long Island Sound area, and every marina is fitted withe the necessary equipment for pumping out these tanks,
Aileen arrived home safe and sound early yesterday,
Skipper lowered the rib into the water and cleaned the newely acquired scratches on the sides of the boat, this was only 
moderatly successfull. 
Later, he went for a trip in the rib, first up the river estuary and then out the harbour ( spelt harbor over here ) and along the coast to
Clinton, It was a good day, sun shining with flat water and little wind,( about 8knots ),   yes, this is the way to spent the 
afternoon on the water,  surprising though, there were not very many boats out in the bay, for a place that has nearly 1,000 boats
close bye,  
Later, skipper tried again twice to sort out the PMU, but again failed to get it working properly, so next time, will just
install a new PMU, it must be faulty................and we have a spare since Australia,
A lot of enjoyable time was spent talking to other boat owners, the marina staff, whose office is located right next to " A Lady "
and generally relaxing and absorbing the atmosphere of the place,
Dinner was a chicken curry and rice, with an Avacado and lobster starter, all this was done while watching
" the Mission " on the DVD, ohh, such a powerfull film,
Lobsters around here are very plentifull , and good value in comparrison to Eurpoe, yum, yum,
The weather is going to be mixed for the next few days, thunder showers will be frequent, yeach,
Signed :-- Stephen Hyde   (  Skipper )