" A LADY TRIP " SAILING AROUND THE WORLD< avoiding the recession, ( presently in Shelter Bay , Panama )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 27 Jan 2010 15:32
06.30  Skipper went for a walk through the national park on his own today, as Kevin had a blister on his foot. ( well thats what he said )
          Ohhhhhh, its so fantastic , even at one stage the skipper was standing looking at this furry animal, about the size of a big cat,
          and it had a head like a dog and a pair of panda eye's. I was looking at him and wondering should I go and rub him, and he was looking at me
          and thinking ," should I go and lick him or run" the bollux did the latter and ran.
09.00 Returned to " A  LADY " and found Donal and Grattan washing down the boat from bow to stern, Great little fellow's
         ( well maybe not so friggin little ) NOT  DONAL , jesus, He must be all of 20 stone !
          BUT  but, Great company so far, and as mentioned before, He feckin well seems to know everybody, and if he dosent know them,
          He will know someone that does. Great stuff!
11.00 The Skipper got hold of the flag pole and sanded the thing down to the bare wood. ( reminded him of the good old days
         when himself and brother Rom would have to sand the seats in the cockpit of the " BUNTY " )
        In the end , you wind up with sawdust up and in every " hole " in your body, Splattering  by the minute and cursing the " old Man "
 Kevin spent most of the day in the Marina office sending emails or doing something on the computer.
It looked as if we would have to get a mechanical pullers to extract him from the desk that he had kidnapped for himself,
The rest of the gang were gainfully employed ,swimming and lying around the place in the sun like wallrusses.
But thats what this trip is all about, Lovely
15.30  The Skipper and Grattan got into the Freezer and decided to clean it out.
           This took two hours of total hard work , but in the end , it was worth the effort. and now it should all work much more efficiently.
          This was followed by a coat of varnish on the flag pole, and it looked much better now.
           Our poor Irish flag is fading very badly.
17.00  The Skippers briefing was attended by FATS as teh Skipper and Grattan were up to their tits in the Deep Freezer at the time.
          Shortly after, " Pylades" arrieved and Fergus and Kay came aboard to say " HELLO" in the rain  ( pissing at this stage )
19.00  We all went to a B.B.Q. at the Marina .. At $10 each it was good value
Later we watched more of Donalds R.A.F. dvd