Cruising the Caribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 1 Jun 2011 10:10
TUESDAY 31st MAY  2011
05.30hrs  Distance travelled 122 miles,
A beautifull dawn, flat seas, and an easterly breeze , having had a few heavy downpours during the night,
Thats one thing that the american boats do well, is have their bimini and spray hood connected together
with drop down sides and back , there by making the cockpit weather proof at all times, Its agreat system,
especially if the boat is going downwind in bad conditions,
The day wore on slowely but the weather improved , so we had a good days sailing , slipping along between 6 & 7 knots
with flat seas, something we have not seen very often on this trip.
As we travel further north, the air is getting cooler, which is welcome after 2 years of hot and sticky conditions.
We passed away the day reading and fiddling around the boat,
We had an early dinner, Aileen cooked a spanish Omlette and it was excellent, before taking turns in doing the night shifts,
Thats all,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )