" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world , ( presently in the Marquesses, South pacific )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 28 Mar 2010 18:22
SATURDAY 27th   MARCH    2010
07.30hrs Aileen & Stephen woke up in total sunshine in the Hotel,
We met Jimmy and Anna from " Ocean Jasper " for a lovely breckfast,  the views from the hotel are just spectacular,
It would resemble a more rugged " west cork " scene, except a lot warmer,
0930hrs, We went to the Pual Gauguin museum, This famous french artist , like so many others, was shunned during his lifetime
and led a fairly lonely life out here in the the French Polynesian Islands, and eventually died on this Island,  " Hiva Oa "
Graham, from " eowyn " went diving for our lost fortress anchor,  He is very experienced and spent 1.5hrs on the bottom,
but the visability was very poor and failed to find the anchor.
Gerard, from " Brown Eyed Girl " tried again later to locate the missing anchor, but gave up in panic, when a shark started
to bite his flipper,
These Islands are famous for all the different types of " Sharks " that are around here, Appearently , some huge ones at that.
That did not put us off having a few swims every day, the temperature of the water is nearly as warm as the air temperature.
There are still a few yachts to arrieve, they are expected overnight.
A lovely day in all, apart from a few sparks flying between Aileen and Fats for a couple of minutes,
19.00hrs  Our guests for dinner arrieved from " Eowin"
The three lads,  Graham, John , Mike , are from the U K, and gave us great assistance with the computers leaving the Galapagos,
Dinner, ( by the Skipper ) consisted of :-  starters,   Prawn salad, and local Grape fruit,
                                                            mains,     Roast belly Pork, with carrotts, apple sauce, Mash potatoes, and roast spuds,
                                                            desert,     Selection of Ice creams,
23.00hrs,   We all vanished to the scratchers,
thats it for today,
Signed,    Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper )