" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the world, ( presently in Equador)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 15 Feb 2010 14:56
SATURDAY 13th February 2010
06.30hrs We got out of the scratchers and made ourselves ready for a 2 hour journey by bus to " Guayaquil"  ( Y a Kill )
08.00hrsWe departed the marina in a rattle trap bus and a driver we had no confidence in.
             The journey took 2 1/2 hours through mostly uninteresting countryside,
             " Guayaquil" is the largest commercial town in Equidor and is on the coast , south of our base,
We visited the " Cathedral" and then walked around the town for a while,
They had lovely Yacht Clubs on the river estuary, The river was actually full of floating plants that grow on the surface, big plants.
The place had a colourfull history of Murder, Pirates, Lovers and Mistress, ( and is probably the same today)
14.00 hrs We had lunch, The biggest meal we have had on the trip so far, and not great,
16.00 hrs We went to a national park and this was interesting, It had 3 sections,,
               The Wild life section, Which included Crockadiles, wild boar, monkeys, parrots, deer, and trillions of mosquitos,
               The Town section, which included important buildings of the original city, transported to this site for preservation,
               The Native section, which was like " bunratty Folk Park"  basically outlining how the people used to live in Equador
                                           the spanish arrieved.
We met a fellow Architect " Yves" and his girlfriend " Christine" who were from Montreal in Canada, They had also sailed lots of the trip so far
but were now flying back to Canada, Interesting people, but then arent all Architects,
Ireland v France, a very dissapointing result,
21.00hrs We eventually got back to base, exhausted from the journey,
             There were huge chips out of the transom from hitting the feckin marina in the surge. blast.
Meanwhile " Fats went off by plane to "Peru" for a trip down memory lane,
A nightcap with " Charles" from ( Dream catcher) the boat alongside us on the marina,
And off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
An ok day, Too long in the bus and too long in the restaurant.
Signed :- Stephen Hyde, Skipper