Sailing around the world, ( presently in Musket Cove, Malolo Isl. Fiji )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 2 Jul 2010 01:07
THURSDAY   1st  JULY    2010 
Another baeutifull day in Musket cove / paradise
0730 hrs   Skipper and John up and about, busy getting things organised,
Fats & Margaret are leaving today, so we need to get Margaret's monster case out of the Lazerette, before skipper takes off
playing golf with Dave Mackay and Bob from " Ocean Jasper"
09.00hrs, Skipper and the other two tee off on the resorts little golf course, and generally have a good game,
Bob, ( dead eyed dick) was very sharp on the putting , ( as they say,  "  drive for show and putt for dough "  )
the result was Bob won comfortably,  the prize was a $2 bill , signed by all three of us....
There was a good breeze blowing over the course from the sea, which kept us cool, but made the golf a bit more tricky.
12.30hrs  We went back to " A Lady" and offered to take Fats and Margaret, plus the crew for their last lunch in " Dicks " restaurant.
We were joined by Dave & Sue from Voyaguer, and Bob and Maggie from Ocean Jasper, plus a few other well wishers,
We started with a bottle of champaigne, followed by some food , mainly fish and chips.
15.30hrs We dragged the heavy cases up to the marina office in preperation for the departure.
A sad occasion for everyone, but all good things must come to an end,
They boarded the ferry and waved goodbye and sped off into the distance towards Nadi Bay, and Denarau.....  ahhhhhhh so sad.
later , Skipper took the diving bottle to the dive centre , but they could not fill it as the fittings are different
and they had no adaptor.. well blast,   you would have thought that they would have told us about the fittings
 when we were purchasing the thing in the first place.
We were all invited to " Voyaguer" for drinks before we went off to the beach for the rally organised  " roast pig dinner".....
Well, you never know whats comming, 
The dinner was great, the best we had with the ARC for a long time,
The crackling was yummy, plus cold potatoe salad, onions, beetroot, pasta's, rice, plus lots of dressings ,and lot of other things we
cant remember, and of course we had a soup to start, and apple pie for dessert,
The floor show was also equally good,, and generally , we had a great night....................
We had an early night for a change,,
The boat seemeed empty,,  Fats & Margaret have gone and Daniel Hearsum's plane from London to Sydney
was delayed, so he wont arrive now untill tomorrow afternoon...
Thats it for today,
Signed  :- Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )