Fw: Sailing around the World with the World ARC.. ( presently in Mauritius )

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Stephen Hyde
Fri 22 Oct 2010 20:38
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THURSDAY  21st  OCTOBER  2010      (  The the Year of the Tiger )
06.00hrs  Aileen vanished off to Mass again,, She has a long list of of friends , and their children and granchildren to pray for, not
to mind our own and add the mothers as well,  Aileen's Mother is 90 and skippers mother is 94, and mothers sister Edie is 91, God bless
them all,
08.00 ABC cars turned up to collect the rent a car, we got good use out of it during the week , but unfortunatly never got to do the golf , because of skippers kidney thing. speaking of which, is doing well but still peeing some blinking blood. and that makes it all very uncomfortable,, Ohhhhhh
ohhhhhhh, but it will eventually get there.
Later, Terry cleaned up the rib and put back the fuel tanks, plus doing other cleaning bits down at the rear end of the boat.
Later still, Terry and Colette wandered off down town just soaking up the atmosphere of this magic Island, Aileen got up on her non existant bike
and took off checking out the shops again, It is wonderfull to see how women can keep going around the shops day in and day out and never
get boared. It has to be a special gene handed down from mothers to daughters, and missed men completly.
Meanwhile , skipper is left holding the fort back on " A Lady"  doing the blinkin blog, reading and catching up on all the emails, actually we had lot of
mail recently from the usuals and in particular from the occasionals, including Brid & Micheal Dwan from Ganworth, Gillian and Fergus O'Connell,
Ian Mc Millan, N.I.    Marion Munch, Germany,     Anne, (Aileens sister in Sweedan )     Siun, our sailing friend from " Liberty " ( In Fiji )
Fergus Quinlan and Kay from " Pylades" ( Who are still in Fiji Soggy Suva ),     skippers sister Helen,       daughters Sarah and Leah, and son Stefan,
It is great to get all the emails, well done and keep it up..
Neil took the small diving bottle down to" Wild Tigris" and had it filled with oxygen, as they have their own air compressor on board,
This saved a lot of time looking for a diving centre to do the same job.
14,30 hrs  Aileen dragged skipper down town for a break ( actually as the paymaster general ) and in hind sight it was good, The value here is
excellent, and we bought some designer shoes for a quarter of the price at home, Further along the road, we got some more shoes, this time
the cost about 10 euro's each , here skipper found sailing sandles exactly the same as he was wearing and had purchased in Ireland for 200euro's+
and here they were just 7 euro's , but obviously not the same make, but in all other respects , exactly the same.
Unfortunatly, they did not have the right size.................
Later we wandered around to the market, an amazing food market and full of fresh veg of every discription.plus a fantastic variety of spices,
then we managed to find pinapple in tins, we need this for cooking and found it difficult ot get, no problem with fresh pinapple, its everywhwere
except it goes off quickley enough,   On our way back to the boat, we collected a bag of ice for the freezer.  ( really for the G&T's )
When we arrived back to the boat, Terry and Collette were all dolled up and waiting for our return to head over to the outer dock for tonights party,
being hosted by Caudan Marina,  We got ready quickly and all walked the short distance to the gathering of all the boats,  
Here there were 3 or 4 tents, all located in a special designated area for the party , plus all the food tables, drinks tables,  bands, and dancing girls,
plus all the usual dignateries , led by Paul, Andrew and Susanne from World ARC,
The dancing was outstanding by these young beautifull girls, and raises the question of our friend " Ian" from Belfast, who asked us, why the Blog never has any mention of sex.............hmmmmmmm, hmmmmm, why indeed. ( Obviously we are afraid of the consequences of doing just that )
If our yacht club is prepared to disconnect us from their web site over flowery friggin langauge, can you imagine what would happen over the mention sex ! yeah SEX. )
that thing that makes the world go around, everyone does it, everyone enjoy's it and yet its all Hush, Hush, and you cant discuss IT . it might offend.
NOW, this brings us back to the dancing, These beautifull creatures in fantastic colourfull skirts dancing gracefully and moving their bottoms
slowely around in circles in a very suggestive fashion made every Boy and Man in the place green and it was obvious from looking at their faces what they were thinking.......    ................  Yeah, yeah, and the end result would be a big broad smile on their faces.  Ohhhhh, just fantastic.
Now, as the evening wore on, and we mingled with the crowd, the drink was flowing freely, mostly local Rum and coke,
We heard words we never heard before, like " they are Buckeled " or " they have loopy lips " , but one thing is certain, there will be sick heads tomorrow,
" Chessy " was tied up to the marina just at the party place, so in their usual generous fashion, invited most of the crowd onto their boat
towards the end of the night, making sure that the party would go on all night.
During the night we spent a good while talking to our N.B.F's  Philippe and Ingrid, who hosted the party, which was organised by the WARC .
now World ARC  have organised some great parties over the last 8 months, but this took the buiscuit,  well done Paul and Susanna
At the end of the night, Terry managed to do his special T.B.D .   ( the middle letter stands for belly, guess the rest )
All in all, we had a great night , Late , we staggered back to the boat and helped each other down the steps and into the
scratchers, Cant remember if we had a night cap or not !
Thats all for today ,  Who said anything about sex !
Signed :-   Stephen  Hyde    ( Skipper )