" A Lady " Sailing around the World, with World ARC 2010

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 15 May 2010 05:16
Thursday  13th  May  2010   ( Presently in Raiatea, Tahiti. )
06.00hrs.  Skipper got into emails and the blog, the daily pennance, but it does give time alone before the rest
get out of the scratchers, and start serving things like breakfast and tea,, and generally take over your day.
but its all great disiplin , and we are enjoying the whole experience, even the small things like, leaking diesel, leaking water,
frayed ropes, and frayed nerves,,... who would want to be without this bliss.!
07.30hrs  We discussed race tactics before we left the dock. this is the first race of the " Pearl Regatta" and starts in Raiatea
and ends in Bora Bora, a distance of 27 miles, some of which is inside the lagoons,  
08.30 hrs   The race began, and the wind was from behind and light, we goosewinged down the lagoon and watched some of the flash boats
hang themselves on the coral reef... trying to take shortcuts, never pays in places like this..and particularly with the kite flying.
There were about 50 boats taking part in the regatta, about 8 multy hulls, and 12 World ARC boats,
The wind shifted all over the place all day and in the end, we motored the last 2 miles as the wind had virtually dissapeared,
but we had a very enjoyable day on the boat,  It seems that Snorre and Stian had really never raced a boat in their lives before
so they really enjoyed the cut and trust of the whole thing.
We passed a pod of Pilot Whales on the way past " Tahaa" , a fantastic sight. and this had the cameras clicking like grasshoppers.
The sea was that beautifull deep prussian blue colour, and the sun was screeching down on us poor souls for most of the day,
However , that all changed as soon as we dropped anchor in Bora Bora, we jumped into the lagoon for a swim and no sooner were we
in the water , than the heavens opened and it pissed down for an hour or so ...
The landscape of Bora Bora is just magnificant, and it looks very busy in comparison to the visit Aileen and the skipper had to this
Island 15 years ago on a chartered yacht, as mentioned already.
We really soaked up the whole scene before we were collected and brought to a " Motu " for a white night out, run by the " hilton Hotel "
( by the way, the Hilton Hotel in Tahiti is closed because of Union and worker trouble )
We had a great night , even if it was a bit like faulty towers, it took some people about 2 hours to get their food,
but it was worth the wait, and again the ass wriggling by the girls was very impressive, plus all the male dancing and fire works.
A  MOTU  is a small little Island, seperated from the main Island by water and mostly on a coral reef.
22.00hrs, We got the organised ferry back to " A Lady " and had a night cap before hitting the scratchers,
A great day, all things taken into consideration,
Thats it for now
Signed :-    Stephen Hyde    ( skipper )