Sailing around the World, ( Presently in " Ovalau" Fiji, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 23 Jun 2010 21:33
WEDNESDAY   23rd   JUNE  2010
07.00hrs   Up early again,   We had a nice gently rolling night on board,
This would very definatly not a place to be in, if there were strong winds blowing.
08.30  We slipped the moorings and sailed out through the western pass , heading for " Bua Bay " on the western side of VANUA  ISLAND
the distance was approx 35 miles and was a change of our original plans to go south.
09.30 hrs Having spent an hour or so reading about all the different places and Islands , and totally confused
we changed our minds once more and altered course south and headed for " Ovalau " a distance of again approx 30 miles.
The wind was SE and blowing 25  /  30 knots , so on a close fetch , we were scooting along at 9 knots,
Blooming great sailing conditions, and the sea was relativly flat.with lots of Dolphins for company..........
The 4 crocks on board are feeling and looking much better today, Donal ( except for his right eye ) almost looks normal again
and his " Cook Island Tatoo " just looks like another trophy collected through his long and interesting career,
John's back is still in trouble  , but has improved today after hours of press ups,
Margarets Repairing knee is doing well,
Skippers hip is muuuuch  better,
And Aileens arthritis and gout are normal,,   Aileen being the healthiest of us.
15.00hrs We entered the Pass through the reef to " Ovalau "  and then had to motor about 5 miles to the town of  LEVUKA,
This town was, in the olden days , the operational centre for Fiji,
The reason for this was :-   easy access for their sailing canoe's to and from both main Islands,  " Vanua Levu "  and "  Vita Levu "
So, there are lots of historical buildings in the town,
On arrival, we had to check in with customs again, all the usual paperwork and more.
The girls , along with Scotty, went ashore and did a short scout around, while skipper put on the dinner, and Fats had his normal Ziz,
19.30   Dinner in the " Starlight Rest." consisted of corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, carrots and white sauce,   
A meal fit for an Irish King..................
We had an early night,  with lots of rain..............
Thats it for now.....................
Sighed :-    Stephen  Hyde    ( Skipper )