Sailing around the World ( presently in Mauritius, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 16 Oct 2010 04:19
THURSDAY  14th   OCTOBER   2010     ( Collette's Birthday )
06.00hrs  Skipper and Terry got into the car and set off for the Airport to meet Collette, who was arriving on the 07.25 from London.
The Airport , located on the southern side of the Island, was a good hours drive away, so we set off in plenty of time.
Skipper had a slight ache in his lower right hand side , just inside the hip. This flares up every so often, but usually dissapears after
a good dose of antiflamitories.
Half way to the Airport, Skipper is in severe pain, very rapidly the pain became overpowering and had to stop the car, Skipper get out and started vomiting, Ohhhh, my god,  !!!!! whats happening, Terry had to take over the driving as skipper lay down in the passanger seat in a bad state .
Terry stopped at the next filling station and they directed us to a nearby hospital,
At the hospital, Skipper explained to the staff that he had this terrible pain in his lower body, right hand side, they put him on a bed
and Terry took off to the Airport to collect Collette and return to Skipper on his way back.
The hospital decided to give Skipper electric shock treatment for his " Heart attack " problem,,   Ohhhhhh My Gawd ! Skipper , bad and all
as he was shot out of the bed and ran outside and waited untill Terry returned, The place was a complete dump, the toilets had all broken seat's , broken mirrors, broken whb's and wee wee all over the floor... what a dump.  but the pain was excruciating.
We rang Rally control for some advice, Susanna got the address of a Clinic from the Manager and off we went, stopping every so often
so skipper could get out and get sick. The Clinic or Clinique was called " Darne Clinique "
There we met Dr EE Mohith, a lovely Dutch Woman, who's mother was a " Moore " from Belfast.
She immidiatly identified the problem as a stone in the kidney, and gave Skipper a shot of something ( not morphene ) in the bum
to kill the pain, this was now around 11.00am.
Skipper was booked into the clinique and put straight into a single room, no 414..
The doctors said they would do a scan straight away , and this would be followed in the afternoon with whatever proceedure was necessary.
Terry and Collette departed and returned to " A Lady " with all the news,
Poor Collette, all this stuff the minute she arrives, so she had a nap, meanwhile Aileen is baking cakes for the birthday girl and a few guests who were invited to celebrate with us on board the boat, about 18.30hrs
Meanwhile, Neil is off with the other youngsters arranging a diving course,, The " Paddi Cert" which skipper already did in the French Polyneesian islands.
Meanwhile, back at the Clinique,  Skipper is taken down at 16.30 hrs to the theatre and had the proceedure done to remove
the stone, 5mm was the size of the blinking thing, and when he recovered and came to about 22.00hrs that night, was told that everything went smoothly
and would be able to leave tomorrow,  what a relief.  But, BUT, was skipper sore,
Meanwhile , back on board, the others had a great night with Collette, and all the guests,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )