Sailing around the World and avoiding the depression ,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 2 Sep 2011 12:24
FRIDAY 2nd  September  2011
Well , here we are in September, and this morning as we sit here on a mooring belong to Joe and Judy Metz in Booths
bay, it is a beautifull sunny morning but really feels like autumn, with a real heavy condensation all over the boat,
We had an interesting week so far,
Early last Tuesday 30th, we hauled the 60m of anchor chain we had laid out and of course it had 60m of mud which took
all 400L of of fresh water to hose down,
We then motor sailed back to Camden where we filled up our water tanks and diesel tank, and put " A Lady " back
on Brian Smullen's mooring,
Skipper forgot to mention meeting " Bill Brennan"  , Bill is president of Maine Maritime Acadamy  and of course is of Irish
extraction, their training ship was in Cobh during the summer and it seems that Bill and all the crew all enjoyed Cobh and the Irish
while they were in Port. 
On Tuesday night we toddled off to " Francine's " restaurant for dinner where we met the " Evens" from Wales, they were in Camden
for holidays, we had an interesting conversation,
Wednesday, Aileen went to Mass, but the Priest never turned up, he had buisness somewhere else. we think a funeral,
later , Billy and skipper went over the generator again and fine tuned it a little bit more, but Billy says that the injectors
and fuel pump need servicing, sooooo that will have to wait until another day,
In the afternoon , on the marina at " Wayfarers"  we got chating to these sailors from Alabama on their boat called " Snow Halk "
a real classical ketch,  they shared some drinks with us and we spent a happy hour or so chatting while skippers
dinner got completly overcooked back on " A Lady "   but it was still ediable,
Thursday,  Another beautifull day,   Skipper and the second mate went ashore at 07.00hrs and skyped Sarah, Leah, Michelle
and Stefan ,  later we returned to the boat and departed Camden a week later than  expected and headed WSW in
beautifull conditions towards Booths Bay,
We motor sailed through the islands on our way , the scenery was awsome, and the collection of " Osprey's "
on route was a great sight,
We arrived in Booths Bay at 15.30 and tied onto Joe and Judy Metz's mooring right outside their house and next to
their Amel  " Brown Eyed Girl "  which did the trip around the world with us and the World ARC fleet,
After all the usual hello's and a couple of scoops, Joe and Judy went off to a prearranged dinner with friends
and Skipper and Aileen had dinner on " Nomad "  ( another Amel ) also moored beside us,
The owners  " Paul & Sue La France " cooked a Corned beef & cabbage  dinner , and we had an interesting evening.....
Thats all for now,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )