A Lady A.R.C crossing. avoiding the recession and rain in style

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 23 Nov 2009 15:38
MONDAY 23rd Nov, 2009
By 22.oohrs we were making great progress, spinniker (parasail ) pulling us along in great style.
By midnight, the wind was very fresh but we kept going  with the " kite" .
Thomas, ( who supplied the sail ) said not to attempt a drop once the wind got over 20knots, and by 04.00 the wind was over
30 knots and we were touching 12.30 nkots at times. but very stable all the time.
Eventually @ 5.30 all hands were called to the deck, We had to get this sail down, we were going so fast in big sea's
that water was being forced through the forward portholes and the skipper was getting worried
We talked through the proceedure and eventually went for it. It was dark and with a big sea running with equally big white horses.
Everyone had the lifejackets and saefty harness's clipped on.
BANG , the sheet and guy flew through the skipper's bare hand's (  removing most of the skin in the process ) and the "kite" shot forward,
but as it did, the boys got the sock down over it in double quick time and  a short few minutes the whole thing was stored in its bag on deck.
much to the relief of everyone on board.
We then rolled out a well reefed main and staysail and were still sailing merrily along at 7.5 knot's, we all managed to grab some sleep.
the day was rough and windy and lunch was just finger food, we reported our position to the control office and sailed off into the afternoon.
Signed :-
Stephen Hyde.