A.lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 30 Jun 2009 11:56
today tuesday we departed la coruna on the north coast of spain bound for corme or laxe, a distance of 35 miles approx. both places have beautifull beaches.a swim will be welcome at this stage.
just to recap , aileen and stephen went to santiago de compastello on sat night, went to mass in the cathedral at 6pm and a viennese violin concert in the parador hotel at 7.30 the same night.the music was awsome.sunday was spent touring  santiago , even Stephen was impressed, well worth the visit.
Monday we rejoyned Denis,Vera, and Rom on A Lady in la coruna. we spent a lot of time sorting out the chart for the iberia peninsula on the e.120 chart plotter
When the boat fiddles were complete ,we all went to el corte ingles for some retail therapy.( mainly at the requst of the girls)
A pork dinner was prepared by Rom later and demolished by all on board,suitably washed down with lots of wine. we browsed through the photo albums on board. this was followed by Rom recalling and re counting our youth in belmont park and the well road. we dident stop laughing all night.( he can be so entertaining)
we crashed out about 12.30
Stephen on A lady