Avoiding the recession by sailing around the World ( presently in Knysna lagoon )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 26 Nov 2010 09:39
THURSDAY  25th   NOVEMBER   2010
08.00hrs, Having secured everything, we had our breakfast and relaxed for a while,
there are always things on board that need attention, even things like painting the bulbs if the compass with Aileens
red nail varnish, Amazing how usefull some of these ladies beautifiers can be in time of need. ..............
11.00hrs  We ( all three of us ) piled into the rib , which we had lowered off the transome ( back of the boat , as Fr terry would say, ejitt)
and headed around the sandbank ( which we parked "A Lady " on top of earlier as we went to drop anchor, )
and over to the Yachy club. A lovely timber building on the eastern side of the river estuary.by the town
We were welcomed by Rodger, a member of the club, and we wad to go over all our trip with him once more,  We will
be great storey tellers as well as great sailors by the time we finish this trip.  plus our degrees in electronics, mechanics,
navigation, sail repairs, computers, photography, and cooking in tight spaces, etc etc .
We got in touch with " Ian Mc Millan's " friend Bryan Kearney from Belfast and skipper met him and had a pleasent coffee  
on the Water front..  Bryan filled skipper in on  " Knysna " and how he happens to be living here, ( Well for 5 months of the year )
All facinating stuff, and what a beautifull place to spend a few months of each year ,, away from all the  SH one T in Ireland ............
He looks good from it all and actually we met once before in Belfast many years ago ....  The original Rib the we purchased
started with Bryan, and skipper visited his house in Belfast with our friend Ian,  gosh , small world .
We then visited a shop / restaurant / food market called " 34 South"  golly gosh, this place had every thing and what did we get,
yes , Chocklet cake and Coco to die for. After that, skipper was ready for the scratcher, so got in the rib and did just that,
Aileen and Neil did the town .......
18.00hrs,  We met up again, skipper having recovered , and went to dinner in the " Dry Dock " which overlooks the lagoon,
the food was great and inexpensive, we chatted with lots of people, all who found our travels a great topic.
 22.30hrs  we climbed back into the rib and haeded out to "A Lady" for a good nights sleep
Thats all from a beautifull place.
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )