LOG DAY 3 , Mixed Weather Conditions,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 10 May 2012 18:55
TUESDAY  8th  May 2012
04.31 hrs   The wind died off so we heated up the iron Sail and motored on into the dawn,
Tom & Linda were on watch, they were dissapointed with the motoring, but the speed of " A Lady "
was less than 4 knots, we dont to spend weeks at sea on this short trip.....so motoring it has to be.
Dawn was lovely, a red sky, just what the witch doctor always says is bad for the health, but. BUT
believe it or not, the day turned out ok. well most of the day, and then we were told by rally controll
that our " Grey Brick" was not working anymore, this brick relays our position back to " Rally Control"
every 4 hours,
09.00hrs  Radio call to the fleet.
12.00hrs We had a conversation with our pals Dave & Sue on " Voyaguer" which was followed
by a ham,cheese and salad sanwich, plus Champaigne & orange to celebrate passing the half
way mark last night.
14.00  the wind went into the NE, 15knots and reached 20 knots by 15.oohrs, we shut down the
engine and set sail once more, However, Tom & Linda went for a rest in the cabin with the deck light open,
well what do you think, a big wave crashed over the baot and drenched the two New Yorkers in their bunks,
Ohhhh, la la , not funny for them, sleeping in wet bunks is not very exciting,
We had no luck with the fishing , so resorted to our Lamb Thai Curry and Ressoto rice, Yum, YUm,
the spelling belongs to Tom,
Bed early,
Signed :--  Stephen Hyde,  ( skipper )