Cruising around the Caribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 26 May 2011 01:40
WEDNESDAY  25th  May  2011
Today , we spent most of the morning clearing out of Antigua,
First we went to the Customs, the Port Authority, and immigration, and paid dearly for our outbound clearances,
We had this on our way to Barbados as well, a flipping exit tax, how about that !
anyway, from there back to the marina and cleared ourselves from there as well, then set off across the bay and topped
up with Deisel,
I think we got done with the deisel, we had 300L on board in our tank, we hold 1040 L of fuel  ( 1 ton ) so all we really
needed was 700L,
Skipper said to the dock master, " fill her up" and skipper watched every drop going into the boat untill she would take no more.
" thats 205 gallons " said the dock master, then when skipper went to the office to settle the account, the girl says
its Imperial gallons, strange, everywhere else in the caribbean deals in US gallons, skipper pointed this out, but got nowhere,
this translates into 930 L plus the 300L already in the tank = 1,230 L, thats 200 more than the tank holds.
and at $5.30 per gallon, thats a nice fiddle for someone............. you just cant be up to the xxxxx's
16.00hrs, we motored out of the harbour, and left Antigua behind, setting a course for Bermuda, but after a couple of hours,
 we worked out that even with everyone working flat out at the respective embassies to fast forward Skippers passport
and visa, it was unlikely to reach Bermuda within 14 days from now, so we altered course and set sail for Virgin Gorda,
a mere 160 miles away. we can spend a few lazy days there before heading north again,
When we were fully relaxed and settled down, we cooked Spuds, baked beans & fried eggs for dinner and had them in the
starlight restaurant, after all, the wind was just 7 knots and we had one of thos rare occasions when the sea was almost dead flat.
Its a good thing we have a secret 200 L of diesel hidden somewhere in the bilge. it might come in handy later,
Its great to be at sea again, especially with such calm conditions,
Thats it for now,
signed  :-  Stephen hyde  ( Skipper )