Sailing away from it all, ( Boston in " A Lady)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 8 Sep 2011 14:26
( Barometer      1006   )
It was a dull and wet morning with plenty of rain during the night, however, no leaks,
Skipper caught up with emails and boat things whilw the Second Officer took off to the Library,
Boston has a great collections of Museums, galleries,  Aquarium, and a fantastic Library , The place is full of history
and was involved in all aspects of American history, from boat building to revolutions, from politics to religion,
Did you know that a " Mary Dyer"  ( Quaker)  who fled religious persecution under Cromwell in England and sailed to America
where she  was eventually hanged in Boston for her religious beliefs.  just a usless bit of history.
We also bought some food where " Julia Childs" (  of "Julia & Julie" film fame ) used to purchase her groceries....
Later, the second officer paid a visit to the " Childrens Museum "  and following that both skipper and the second officer
took a cab over to Copley Place, where the " Prudential Buildings " are located..  A place we remember well from the time
of Paul & Christines  wedding,   It was still raining as we browsed around the Malls and shops and admire the
" Hancock Tower "  
We then walked in the rain to the Parker House Hotel where John F. Kennedy proposed to Jackie Bouvier, had to sit at
table 40 where the proposal was made and had dinner, when finished a good meal, we had hopped in a cab and went back to
" A Lady" for a quiet night..
WEDNESDAY  7th September 2011
( Barometer   1007  ) 
Another dull and wet morning and it looks as if the rest of the week will be the same,
We went to the Marina office and sorted out the charges with the Marina Girl,  Megan Harrington,  ( I wonder where her
relations come from ! ).................  we know lots of Harringtons back home,
09.45hrs, having showered and all that in the great facilities at the marina, some of which include , Toilets, showers, laundry
and drying facilities, a work shop, TV rooms, a gym, a restaurant, bedrooms,  free computers and free coffee
and tea making facilities and all the american newspapers, all in plush surroundings with panoramic views of the harbor
and a magnificant set of binoculars on a tripod ( just in case the eye sight is not what it used to be. )
We slipped our lines and motored the ten miles or so down the harbor to the open sea,
The wind was ESE and just about 22 knots, so we had a great sail for the day,
however the FOG filled in , so we were sailing in the blind once more, visability was down to about 100yards,
This time , skipper tried out the inbuilt fog horn on the mast, Ohhh, what a great bit of equipment, it gave out 1 long blast
and 2 short blasts every 2 minutes.  a very comforting sound,
We had decided we would try and get through the "Cape Cod Canal" tonight and then drop anchor in Poccassit harbor , just about 3 miles 
on the southern side of the canal,
At times we had very heavy rain, but it was the best sail we had in months, skipping along at 7  to  8  knots,
We arrived at the Canal about an hour early for the tide, ( they suggest going through the canal when the current is flowing in the direction
you are travelling )  but it was going to get dark early , not to mention the fog, the blooming fog was still thick so we had to rely
on the Chart plotter and Radar to navigate the 7 mile long Canal,
The current against us was about 2 knots,  we had no problem with this, crips , we often had worse against us out at sea,
We passed under 3 bridges, all with a 135 foot clearance, so our 82 foot mast was safe and sound,   the last bridge was a
railway bridge which was lifted as we approached to allow us pass under, this bridge was an amazing bit of engineering with huge
balancing weights on both ends to help lift and lower the span as required,
As we passed the Massachusetts maritime college ( Its ship called Kennedy ) the rain and fog lifted so we were able to see
our surroundings for the first time today.
We made our way down the southern canal cutting to our destination, nibbled our way into the tiny little harbor and dropped
anchor in the dark,   
A large G& T , followed by a dinner that was cooking all day while we were sailing and then the scratchers to look and listen
at the Thunder & Lightning, and more rain for the night,, 
 Thats all ,
Signed  :-   Stepehn  Hyde   ( Skipper )