A Lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 15 Jul 2009 01:14
well here we are at 2.30 am spanish time, which we are working on at present,Aileen and myself are on watch untill 04.00 hrs we replaced pat lyons and dermot lovett at 01.00.           Its a beautifull starrey night with the milky way shimmering above us, the plough and seven sisters talking to us , and meanwhile the moon is creeping up into the sky behind us.               A few ships passed us way to the north, little lights on the horizon but very obvious on the radar.           WE think they are most likly
on route from the usa to the meditteranian.
We ars sailing along our rhum line to the azores right now in a south westerly breeze,our speed over ground is 8 knts. we have covered 544 miles and have approx 300 miles to our destination. our grib file predicted the wind very accuratly in both direction and strength. and at our current progress we should arrive thursday morning.
spanish time now 02.00
irish time now      01.00
azores time now  00.00
good night, Stephen and Aileen