Sailing around the World ( presently in the Coco's Islands )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 26 Sep 2010 02:20
SATURDAY   25th   September  2010
The weather is very unsettled here for this time of the year,
Its caused by " The Indian Ocean Dipole ", this is where the waters around the Cocos Islands and the South Indian Ocean are warmer than normal.
The weather forcast for the comming week is talking about the Possability of gales, possability ! north of our rum line,
The result of all of this is some boats are running scared, mostly driven by the " bully of Mackay" and will leave today and others will leave to morrow and the remaining on Monday, when we were all supposed to go in the first instance.
In fact it seems Rally control have decided to abandon the start on Monday and let people decide to go when they feel like it .
Skipper decided we would not leave untill monday, as all this possible strong wind and gales is only a possability, and from experience, we have seen
these things change so quickly and the dangers dissapear.
Back to reality, We spent most of the day fixing bits and pieces, particularly the overflow container for the generator's coolant,
Later we all went ashore for a swim and skipper snorkled the Pass , where there were lot of different types of fish, turtles, star fish crabs and shell fish,
there were lots of different types of sharks there also for good measure.
We relaxed on the beach for a few hours and had a bottle of champagne to ease the pain of the day.
Later, we returned to the boat and had a roast rack of lamb for dinner,
All in all, we had a good day.
Oh  , it seems that a photograph of " A Lady " with her torn KITE will appear in    Yachting World    , the next issue.
thats all for now
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )