" A LADY " Sailing around the World,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Wed 26 May 2010 17:46
TUESDAY   25th May   2010    ( presently in Rarotonga, The Cook Islands, South Pacific,)
07.00hrs   Another cloudy Morning, and we still have that big swell charging into the small harbour, even though there is only 21knots of wind.
The trouble with the swell is it makes getting on and off the boat very difficult, however, no one has fallen yet,
We have the boat on long stern lines, which are tied to the Quay walls, so we have to use the rib for going ashore,, all the boats are in the same
09.30hrs  John and Skipper hopped up on the scooters and took off up to the Hospital to see how poor old " Fats" is doing.!  has he survived ?
when we arrived , the neck support and all the bandages had been removed,
Oh my God !  He looked positivly afull, all those stitches and dried blood, yach.
Anyway, it seems that "Fats" suffered severe concussion from the crash, but none the less, he is still in good form.
but they are keeping him in hospital for observations, How long, we dont know,
10.30 Skipper went down town Rarotonga and went into a nice little cafe for a bit of breakfast. Who walked in?  yes, Rory Quirke
and it turned out that his brother in law makes all the lovely gooey cakes and little quishes that attracted the skipper
into the place in the first instance.  ohhh  yum, yum, stuff. we had a coffee and arrangsd to meet for a game of golf on Wed morning.
Its an ill wind that doesent blow some good, Lets be positive, The skipper will be able to take controll of the Galley for at least a few days.
while Fats is laid up.
Later , skipper took some books and magazines up to the Hospital for himself to read, just left them on the bed as your man was flat out
having a good snooze. so off again on the scooter.
14.00hrs John had gone off to the Internet cafe, so skipper returned to the boat and sent emails to Donals sisters outlining
the situation regarding Fats and so on. Also emails to the children, Michelle, and others.
16.00hrs " Crazy Horse " arrived and tied up to the quay wall, meanwhile skipper had a shower and shave, before taking Donals scratched scooter
back to the Hire firm, However the blinking place was closed so off back to the harbour,
however, on route the skip, got stopped for speeding,, oh bloody hell, thats all I need now !
So out with the Blarney again, and after a good deal of velvet chatting, the skipper was left off the $150 fine,  phew, what a relife.
19.50hrs  We all went for dinner to a local restaurant,
a good night again..
Thats it for today,
Signed :-   stephen Hyde,    ( skipper )