Sailing into Christmas time on our way around the world ( Presently in Cape Town )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 7 Dec 2010 05:53
MONDAY  6th  December   2010
07.00hrs  We woke up to a bright and breezy morning here in Cape Town,
The gusts were reaching 40 knots as all the boats on the marina strained heavily on their marina lines.
They say here that Cape Town Bay is the wildest Leward harbour in the world and over 2,700 boats and ships have been
lost along the coast here since records began,  frightning statistics......
Aileen went off exploring more of this wonderfull place, ( remember , most places we visited on this extrordinary trip
were wonderfull places,)
Skipper and Neil decided to have a final shot at fixing the forward Loo. We decided that we have tried everything and
the only other possability that could cause this problem is the internal pipe in the holding tank, It must be choked,
despite all the caustic soda poured into it a few days ago.
We byepassed the tank with some new pipes, bends, reducing couplings etc, All this took a couple of hours, but when
 we pressed the red button.............BINGO............. working perfectly,
Gawd ! it took us almost 3 solid days to sort this out , and now we happy and proud bunnies.
17.00hrs, the loo looked almost new, so to reward ourselves we took off up to the " Cape Grace " hotel , well to the bar in the
lower ( or marina )  Level for a few scoopps,
The weather was still windy and sunny, so for the first while we sat outside with Sean from " Wild Tigres "
Later , we retired inside and were joined by Richie and charlie from " Grand Filou" and we had a real Irish Time there
Later still, Skipper returned to the boat while the rest went off in search of food,
Beyond later, Udo from " Destiny " joined us on " A Lady" for a night cap and then Neil returned , so we had a late night,
Neil returns home to Ireland , Skipper and Aileen are off touring untill the 4th of January,
So there will be no more Blogs untill January,
We wish all the readers of the Blog  ........... A  HAPPY  CHRISTMAS.
Thats it.
Signed :-   Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )