Sailing around the World. Presently in the Caribbean

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 10 May 2011 13:51
We all hopped out of the scratchers around 07.00hrs.still in a state of shock after the loss of Ian,s Passport.
We called to the customs, the port office, and the police again and checked if anything turned up there, but alas, nothing,
Ian had to fill out lots of paperwork to facilitate a new imergancy passport, all these documents had to be delivered to
the British embassy in Barbados by special delivery, who told us the package would arrive tomorrow,
The locals. in particular Larry ( an Indian Jeweller ) were all very helpfull,
Meanwhile skipper asked our youngest son " Stefan " to help us with our applications for special visa's for America,
we need these to bring the boat to that country , so skipper and Aileen toddled off and had their photo's taken and sent
by email to Ireland,
Later, when we all relaxed, we left port and motored to South Frigate Bay, there we dropped anchor and went ashore
to " Shikitty Shack" for dinner, The place looked like a shack, but the food was excellent, we all had lobster and lots of it.
We met a couple ( Hal Barstow & wife ) who knew our friend Tom Harding well, Tom was " Bosun " on the Askard in the good old days.
On our way back to the boat, it was great to see all the Pelicans sitting there on the rocks having their evening nap.
07.00hrs, Skipper and Ian hopped over the side for our early morning swim, ohhhh " it was sooo refreshing, thats the great thing
about being anchored, swimming off the boat whenever one feels like it.
half an hour later, we set sail for " Antiguia" just 65 miles away to the SE , we had a good breeze, but very close on our port side,
The weather was overcast and cool. but no rain.
We tried fishing again, but caught nothing, 
We arrived in Falmouth Harbour at 4.20pm and after some scouting around we picked up a mooring and went ashore in the rib.
We met the crew of " Lush"  ( Eddie Jordans Oyster ) and also John and Jenny from " Tzigane"
We all went to " Trappas" restaurant for dinner and the whole night was spent discussing the lost passport,
ohhh, what a dose,
Unlike " Emily's " missing passport, this one will not turn up. enough to make the " Sheppard" kick his dog again.