" A LADY TRIP" Around the world, ( presently heading across the caribbean sea towards the Dutch West Indies)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 8 Jan 2010 12:18
THURSDAY 7th January 2010    ------- continued ...
09,00  the weather is still beautifull, with the trade winds pushing us along nicely with the help of a 2knot tide,
After the first night at sea, its natural that everyone takes naps whenever they can,
mind you, some of these naps are very noisy ZZZZ    ZZZZZ
We did some boat work and this was followed by Donals special lunch....
18.00hrs   We had passed the HALF way point to the A.B.C. Islands, better known as the " Dutch West Indies "
                and the skipper prepared a roast chicken dinner, roast potatoes, creamed potatoes, & stuffing to boot.
                The calamity, we had NO baked beans, all gone , so we had to do with pea's,
                We dined in style again in the cockpit,  yum , yum
20.00hrs  The Radio Officer " Donal " spent time on the radio  talking to  " Wild Tigres " ( the swan 72 ) which was still close to us,
               He also made contact with some of the other yacht's , just keeping in contact. as we were leaving the fleet for a few days
               to visit the A.B.C.'s
00.00hrs   MIDNIGHT  and another lovely starry night, and all is well,
02.00hrs,  Aileen and Stephen took over watch from Donal, we were making great progress, even though we are not taking part in the race
                this time ( because we are not going direct to the SAN BLAS ISLANDS )  We touched 11 nkots regularly and Aileen did most of the watching.
                We saw a spectacular  " shooting star " very big and bright with bits falling off as it travelled across the night sky.
06.45hrs   Kevin came up on watch and relived Aileen and the Skipper,  Aileen went to the3 bunk to catch up on lost sleep,
                while the skipper got into the computer and updated the blog, and email's  etc......