Sailing around the world

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 4 Dec 2010 17:10
THURSDAY    2nd  December  2010
08.00hrs   Jerimy Peacock came and sorted out the RL80 C  got it working again, but as usual, when skipper checked
the mian Nav. station above in the cockpit later, the radar was not functioning any more, gawd what is it about
boats, these guys fix one thing and screw up something else in the process.
Ohhhhh , its enough to make a sheppard kick his dog !
Later skipper tackled the fwd loo again, Spent the whole day working on the thing, including replacing all the pipework,
but failed to solve the problem, so Will have another go tomorrow,
we got Marvin and his merry band of men to scrub, clean and polish the whole boat, for about 30 euros,, thats good value.
Neil went off touring with his friend and had a great time, they even went to Hout Bay,
The local sail makers collected our KITE , ( the parasail spinniker ) and informed us later that they could repair it ,
and whats more , the damage was twice as much as the last time it got damaged and the cost of repairing it is less than 1/3
of what it cost in Mackay / Airley Beach where it was last repaired. Austraila was certainly very expensive and the sailors
got ripped off big time.
They also took away our mainsail, as the leach line was parting company with the sail .
18.00hrs, We had drinks on board for the crew of " Destiny"  and Bob & maggie from " Ocean Jasper "
Destiny is almost berthed directly behind us and we had a great conversation and a laugh.  All great company.........
Bob and Maggie remained for dinner, a sweet & sour chicken dish with rice cooked by skipper and it was blinking bland,
sorry Bob and Maggie, a poor enough meal.
We looked over the photos on the computer, and eventually parted company as we walked to the marina gates with them ..
Thats all for today
Signed : - Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )