Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 4 Mar 2011 16:37
THURSDAY  3rd  MARCH   2011.
Ian Modjo, who now lives in West Timor, came across " A Lady " in Tipperary Waters marina in Darwin,
He was stuck in Darwin with no money and needed to bet back to Bali, which is where we were heading next.
He wrote an article for the " Cruising helmsmen " an Australian yachting magazine and the equivelant of " Yachting World "
The article was about his dreaming of how he could hitch a lift from the Irish owners of " A Lady " from Darwin to Bali.
but he just never got up enough courage, However , the article is amusing and I am sure one could look it up on the NET
( The January 2011 Issue )........
There is a Mangrove very close to the marina, and hundreds of " Egrets " live there, sometimes its sad to see the fishing gut and
plastic bags caught around their legs, they wont last long, poor things,
Actually, the bird life around here is massive, obviously they enjoy all the mud flats at low water that give off an afull stench
for the rest of us.
During the morning, skipper spent much time trying to resize the photographs, so they would be easier
to send to the blog, and eventually got there, Thats great, especially when one really does not know what they are doing.
The balconies to view the Carnival never materialised. and many of the fleet are very dissapointed with the organisers for that gaff.
Later, the diesel for the fleet arrived by boat, just a couple of hours late, like the Customs guys a few days ago. time here
is of no importance, whats the rush !   and do you know, they may be right,
The music show for tonight has vanished as well, but we are booked into " Spettus " steak house, this is a gastoronomic
feast, and we went in company with , Joe, Judy & Jer ( Brown Eyed Girl ) Graham, Mike and Dan (  Eowyn )  8 of us in all.
This one tonight was different to the one we were in a few nights ago. and the selection of food was much greater,
We had a good time, and exchanged many stories as well as solving all the worlds financial problems,
the restaurant was very modern, with all glass curtain walling around the outside and nicely laid out interiors, using much
Black and Gold.
We returned to the boats later by taxi and all had an early night,
Thats it for today,
Signed  :-    Stephen Hyde     ( Skipper )