" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World. ( presently in the WEST INDIES )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 11 Jan 2010 13:53
SUNDAY 10th January 2010
08.00hrs All up and about, after cleaning the teeth and applying the anti smelly stuff, we had a light breckfast and cleaned up before preparing
the boat to leave.
10.15hrs We departed " BONAIRE" bound for " CURACAO" , the C  Island of the A.B.C. Islands, and a distance of approx 35 miles.
              The wind was pritty much behind us all the way , blowing about 20 / 30 knots, as we got further out, the sea's got bigger and bigger
               and the rolling was uncomfartable at times.
13.00hrs   We could now see Curacao in the distance and we had a light lunch of biscuits and cheese.
15.30hrs  We entered the entrance to Willamstad, a narrow creek leading up to the town and harbour, anyway , we stopped here for
              R & R , at a new marina , which is part of a new WYATT super Hotel , presently under construction.
              We had to drop the anchor and back onto the marina, and then we all went swimming in the warm carribbean waters,
17.00hrs We moved on into the main harbour and just as we were approaching the C.Y.C. yacht club , we noticed one of our fenders
              floating away from the boat,   Oh God !     We tried unsuccesfully retrieving it with " A  LADY" , but the dept was an issue and the skipper was
              not going to risk the ship  to save a fender,  THEN along came a " River Cowboy" in his little white SEA HORSE , picked up the fender and
              returned it to us,  END OF CRISIS. phew !
17.30hrs  Unable to get a marina berth, we dropped anchor and got the dinner under way,,  Starters :-   Scollips rapped in Bacon
                                                                                                                                    Main Course :-   Bangers and mash, plus red beans.. yum
               We had the dinner on deck again and had a generall discussion about " Shane Ross's " book  THE BANKERS
               We have two copies on board , and everyone has read the book, including the skipper ( who never reads anything )
               The book is hair raising and very interesting at the same time. However it really makes IRELAND look like a BANNA REPUBLIC
                but a must read.