Hurricane " IRENE " Smiths Cove, Maine

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 29 Aug 2011 15:29
MONDAY 29th  AUGUST  2011
Well , here we are, having survived the night in this beautifull Hurricane Hole called " Smiths Cove "
We had some torrential rain during the night plus winds gusting to 56 knots,  Sleeping was intermittent as " A Lady "
swung back and forth in the violent winds, the water was choppy , but not rough, the rigging screemed and the halyards
rattled against the mast,   ( Definatly not a night to be at sea or riding a horse, )
 but then a day break , it all began to ease off, 
The wind went North West and died down to 20 / 25 knots, the sun appeared and it looks now like a beautifull day ahead,
many of the big yachts, ( the ones over 100feet ) dragged their anchors during the night and gave plenty of entertainment
to the rest of the fleet, but , thankfully, no damage to anyone,
Thats all for now, 
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde  ( Skipper )