Sailing around the World ( Presently about to leave Vanuatu for Australia)

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 15 Jul 2010 14:43
THURSDAY    15th    JULY   2010
07.00hrs, An early start, as we leave Port Villa today,
First things first,  we took a chicken and a couple of porksteaks out of the deep freeze for dinner tonight at sea,
a light breakfast and off up to the supermarket for some fresh fruit and veg, plus a few spuds.
09.00hrs, Patick and his merry men returned to " A Lady"with the SSB, they took it away yesterday to see if they could fix the damn thing,
Any way, they couldent get any reception so took it away again and promised to return in 30 mins, ohhhhhhhh frig this,  are we
going to be late for the start again at 12 noon. ?
10.00hrs   Skipper and Scotty took the boat up to the fuelling dock and loaded on 270 L of duty free diesel,and then returned the boat
to its berth on the Quay wall.
11.30hrs, No sign of Patick or his merry men , blast them all, Here we are still on the dock and everyone else has left for the starting area,
and we still have to get the rib on board once we get clear of the dock.
11.45hrs Aileen is going around in circles praying for the guys, and not for a happy death, then they come sauntering down the
quay wall, not a frigging care in the world, the langers, THE LANGERS,
They are wondering what all the fuss is, after all , do we want a radio !
20 mins later they leave and we still dont know if the thing works or not....   ohhhhhhhh its enough to do your head in....
We let go our shore lines, and leave the berth, then pull up the rib and strap it down , and motor out over the bar towards the start line,
the fleet has already left and we are 25 minutes late...Just bleedin lovely......
14.30hrs  The wind is on the port beam, blowing about 15 /20 knots and we are trucking along at 7 / 8 knots and have caught
up with most of the fleet,  Crazy horse, Ocean Jasper and Choi are way out in front, at least 3 miles out there ,
15 30hrs  We decided to put up our magnificent KITE and show these guys that we mean buisness,
The main is also doing nicely without the top batton, it certainly goes in and out much easier,
16.00hrs, The KITE is up and looking good,  we are purring on the deck,,  ha,ha ,now we will show these guys a thing or two.
Next thing,    brrrriiiiiipppp  Oh  shiiiiiiite, the magnificant KITE is not looking good any more,Its in blooming shreds,
It ripped all across the top and was fluttering nicely away in the breeze....oh my God , what next !
It must have been the little hole up by the shoulders the caused this problem...
20 minutes later , we have the kite, mixed with lots of Scotty's blood, bagged and the boat sailing under white sails again. we lost a bit of ground there,  ahh well, thats that..  But, and there's always a but,    We have another spinniker up under the bow, we will take a look at that tomorrow.
19.30  We have the dinner, by skipper, 
Roast stuffed chicken, roast spuds, creamed potatoes cooked with some bay leaves, and cabbage cooked with pork fat,, yummy
we also had strawberry and mint jelly , which was delicious.
We also cookes the two stuffed porksteaks to have cold for lunch tomorrow,  We are back to eating our way round the world again.
and the skipper doesent have " Fats " hogging the galley all the time.
21.00hrs, we were all finished and wash up done,
Night watches  :-        21.00hrs  /  00,00hrs        Scotty
                                 00.00hrs  /  03.00hrs        Skipper
                                 03.00hrs  /  06,00hrs         Aileen
                                 06.00hrs  /  09.00hrs        Scotty
Thats it for now,
Signed   :-   Stephen  Hyde   ( Skipper )