" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World with the World ARC.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 1 Jun 2010 10:03
MONDAY  31st May   2010      ( presently in Nuie, South Pacific)
Total distance 585 miles.
04.00hrs A beautifull starrey night,with a full moon climbing high into the sky, ohhhh just magic.
We could see the faint outline of Nuie on the horizon,
06.00hrs, We could see the island clearly, it was now daylight, but progress was slow, as we weretravelling straight downwind,
               We had rolled up the headsail as it was slapping around too much, and skipper feels that it causes more damage
to the sails than sailing in 30 knots of direct wind pressure on the sails.
08.00hrs. We picked up a mooring bouy in the harbour, in ideal conditions, what was most interesting was the visability in the water,
               we were in 30m of water and could see the bottom like as we were in 3m
               There were another 10 World ARC boats already here, having come from Suwarrow, with more expected tomorrow.
09.00 hrs We went ashore and cleared our papers with customs and immigration, then to the bank for more NZ $,  no ATM,s on this Island.
              Following that , we had coffee and a breakfast bagette in the Yacht Club, where we met the commodore, " Keith Vial"
              Keith was very welcomming and offered all the resources of the Y.C. to the world ARC fleet.......... so far so good.
              All this paperwork was done with help of the Lovely " Susanne" from the World ARC
10.30 hrs We went to the Police station for final document clearence in and out of Nuie.
               We then returned to " A Lady" and admired once again the clarity of the water, ohhhhh, what a place,
               The places just keep getting better and better,
               Nuie, is a limestone Island, so is full of caverns and caves, It has no rivers, so the water is crystal clear. 
               Why did my Mother never tell us about these places, To think we could have lived here in heaven for the last blonk years.
               missed opertunities. She is still going strong at 93 years of age, so I will have a word with her on our return to the Emerald Isle.
               Mond you, that wont get very far.  ( I still love you Mother,)
We had little or no emails, that is very unusual, have all our friends died or what !
John took down the Q flag, while skipper had a 10 min. nap that turned into a 2 hour nap, as he had been up all night last night.
We then did some clothes washing in the super duper washing washing machine, skipper is only just getting the hang of using
this piece of equipment. Aileen usually looks after all this end of things, and is a whisso at it all. as women are !
On shore , things are so different, No such as lashing onto the quay wall, no, there is a hoist for lifting the dingy's out of the water
at the quayside. an amazing bit of kit, but well organised and all done in a matter of a couple of minutes.
Later we went snorkling in the crystil clear waters,   for anyone interested in diving or snorkling,  this place is heaven on earth.
However the skipper took it easy, as he is still suffering ear problems from his " Paddy diving Licence " experience a month or so ago.
16.30hrs, We met " Susanne" and she took us to the diving center and John booked diving for tomorrow, while skipper
booked golf,  we have a very short period on this Island, and so much to do here.
The caves are supposed to be the best in the world, so we have booked a trip to these tomorrow afternoon.
18.50hrs, We were taken by the lovely " Susanne " to an official BBQ at the Yacht Club, a great event, and as usual , lots of music and singing
The whole scene was electric, and they even sang songs like  " Danny Boy"    " My Bonnie lies over the Ocean" ( for Scotty )
" Its a long way to Tipperary" and many other Irish songs,
Its fantastic to have people in these far flung parts of the world , that can sing Irish songs. It would bring tears to the hardiest of Men.
shit !  I think the skipper is gonna cry .......
Ohhhhhh Michelle, you would just these places.
Thats it for now , Slan Leath,
Signed :-       Stephen Hyde,      ( Skipper )