Dreaming of sailing around the World, ( presently in Richards Bay , South Africa )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 12 Nov 2010 18:25
Thursday  11th November  2010    ( Paul Hyde's birthday )
Another beautifull day, Skipper got up early and did the bleedin blog, the bleedin emails and a bleedin breakfast.
The weaver birds provided the early morning music and this relaxed everyone on board.
We had a great laugh over the breakfast recalling last night and all the shannigans,  It was a great night to remember.
We had a lot of trouble with the shore power, so we ran the generator for an hour or so. to charge up the batteries, and do the breakfast...
11.00hrs The mighty 5 piled into the " rent a car " and headed North to St. Lucia,
This is part of their National Park System, and is very close to the coast, The river and lakes all drain into the Sea at St.Lucia and is a
 very upmarket place...  St Lucia is 120 km north of Richards Bay,
We decided to have a lunch in the village , which was excellent, and from there we went to the river and boarded the river boat
for a tour of the estuary.  Ohhhhh , just fantastic,
The river water was brown from all the recent rain, but not in flood. in fact the whole river was very shallow. and our boat grounded a few times
durihng the afternoon. but not a problem,
We saw lots and lots of Hippo's plus a few Crockadiles,  gosh , they are huge mammels, and did you know, that Hippo's kill more people
every year than any other animal or Mammel on the planet Earth..
The Hippo eats grass for its main food source, and will travel up to 80km for a good supply of grass. however, the Hippo has poor eyesight
and if threatened will attack straight away, particularly if it has a baby close bye. so as humans and hippo's live in close proximity,
 then there is always trouble with fatal consequenses , mostly for the humans,    Ohhhhhhhh , its enough to make one shudder with fear.
These are big things, weighing up to 2 tons,   thats big.!
We also saw a great variety of birds, from eagles to hawlks and buzzards and the odd few Vultures,   Funny thing, when we
were kids ( just a few years ago ) we were scared of Vultures, the very mention of a Vulture would raise the hairs on the back of the neck .........
And we never even saw a Vulture at that stage.   They conjured up scenes of us ( me ) lying injured on the ground
and in come the vultures and eat us alive..Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  , gawld , what a way to go  !
18.00hrs We drove back to Richards Bay, and went directly to " Porky's " restaurant for a fantastic dinner,
The dinner included Lamb curry for S & A , Sole on the bone with prawns for Terry , Lamb shank  for Collette, and Steak for Neil,
 plus all the wine and beer,  all for 11 euro's each, But, BUT  BUT , when we were finished
the Owner " Donald " came and joined us with a " Blow Job " for everyone at the table.
Collette really enjoyed the " Blow Job" and has a big smile on her face since, plus is still talking about it .
The " blow Job " is a drink , just in case you are getting carried away !  and it certainly would blow your mind away.
We had a great evening, and later returned to the boat for a few more night caps before hitting the scratchers,  ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZ
thats all for today,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )