" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World at leisure, ( presently in Hiva Oa, The Marquesses Islands, South pacific. )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 29 Mar 2010 17:28
SUNDAY  28th  March  2010
08.00Hrs   another beautifull morning, 2 boats arrieved during the night, that leaves 2 more to come,
We checked the Generator seriel No for " Laurent " the ship agent, so we will have the injector pump when we arrieve in Tahiti
on the 28th April.     Its interesting that most of our little problems are with the new equipment we had installed before leaving Ireland for this trip.
10.30 hrs, Aileen, Stephen, and John from " Eowyn " ( the scottish guy ) went for a tour of the Island, as we had to hand back the hired car today
and we leave tomorrow morning,  We also booked lunch in " Antionette's " restaurant in  PUAMAU on the north eastern side of the Island,
It took us two hours of driving across dirth roads, sometimes hardly the width of the car, and so steep in places, it would give you VERTIGO.
But it was worth it all, The scenery on the way was awsome, and the village was special. and the people so friendly,
THE FOOD, the food was a set menue as we had booked in advance,, It consisted of the following:-
                   STARTERS :-   Munched up bananna's with figs and semolina , together with marinated raw fish, Deep fried bread fruit,
                                          and bananna fritters, yum , yum it really was sooooo tasty
                   MAINERS   :-   A bowl of Lightly curried goat meat, plus a bowl of pig meat in a special mix , and a bowl of white fluffy rice,
                                          Obviously all local dishes, and the taste's were exotic, this was followed  by a dessert , a sort of steamed pudding,
                                          again a very unique taste,,
                   DRINKS           Home made fruit juice, again so tasty,
After the meal, we went down to the pier and had a swim with the local kids, and watched the bigger kids harpoon fish,
Ohhhh , just all sooooo lovely.  We are definatly in Paradise..
Two hours later we were back in the port, and handed back the car,
Mike and John from " Eowyn " came and looked at our laptop, but failed to get it working,, drat that bloody thing.
Later , Skipper and Donal wemt to the " Hanakee Pearl" Hotel for a spot of dinner, and met a lot of the sailors there.
An early night for an early morning tomorrow,
Thats it for today,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde,   ( skipper )