A Lady trip

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 17 Jul 2009 16:01
greetings from A Lady in Ponta Delgady , san migel. Azores
Crew; Stephen and Aileen Hyde, Pat and Ann Lyons, Dermod Lovett
Well here we are at last in the azores, I thought ( wrongly) that we would surely loose some weight on our way down, but no. no. cripes even in shite sea's Ann and Dermod managed to cook major dinners, including the GRAVY, which duly dribbled down our flys. we had roast beef,roast pork, lamb, and a variety of veg and roast spuds.
so the eating our way continues. and the bloody trouble is no exercise, the boat is all hydrolic and electronic.all button pushing and no grinding winches.
apart from all that, the trip out here was excellent, we covered about 950 miles in 4.5 days
there are 13 Irish boats and 11 boats from the U.K. here,
tonight there is a drinks party at 7.30 followed by more food.
tomorrow,has a tour of the island and more food again tomorrow night with our english travelling companions.
Meanwhile back at home, I have benn realibly informed by Stefan that "Cruachan" is doing well in the Glandore classic regatta, todays crew on "Cruachan was ; Stefan Dave o'Rielly , Terry and Collette O'Sullivan.   Well done to them
Stephen and Aileen