Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 7 Feb 2011 10:47
07.00hrs  Skipper got up and did the blog and  a few emails,
Then we took off with Herman and Sylvia from " destiny" to the Cathedral for 09.00 Mass,
The crowd at Mass was small, not to mention the beggers asleep on the seats in the church,
Salvador has 365 catholic churches, thats one for every day of the year, most of them are Baroque in style but very run down .
An effort is being made by the authorities to renovate some, however it is a monumental task to do them all.
Following Mass, we walked over a half mile to the Carmalite convent , which has been converted into a luxurious hotel,
and is a tribute to what can be done with these old buildings.
We had tea and cakes there before going onto the " barra " shopping Mall, a 3 storey complex with lots of shops etc, but no supermarket.
Aileen did what most women like to do, get a pedicure done, while skipper explored the possability of a visit to " Foz do Iguacu"
a massive waterfall place simular to Niagra waterfalls, plus a visit to Rio on the way back,  It must be a 1000 miles or so from here,
The cost of flights around here are huge, obviously , they have not heard of  "Ryan Air "  yet.
Later , we returned to the boat and cooked a chicken for dinner, a couple of vodka's for skipper and the cats my aunt,
Aileen watched a girlie DVD while all this was going on, and we had a relaxing evening,
Chessie and  Crazy Horse arrived during the afternoon, that leaves only 2 boats still to arrive, One thing every one had
was they all enjoyed " St. Helena " , our stop over there was a major success.
thats all for today
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde   ( skipper )