Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 20 Mar 2011 05:24
SUNDAY  20th MARCH    ( Gladys Birthday )
00,00hrs  Distance travelled,...............................  1,687 n miles,
              Distance to destination.............................380 n miles
Gladys is skippers mother, and is a great age and still in good shape. Happy birthday Mum.
Back to the damaged " Basia", yesterday  morning, Arianne and Jennius transferred about 200L of fuel to Basia,
thus ensuring that she will have enough diesel to reach Granada, they are making good progress under the circumstances,
Trinadad is a closer place but on the advice of Graham from " Eowyn" ( who lives most of his time in Granada) Trinadad is to be avoided,
Piracy is a big problem there, and there have been a number of yachts kidnapped around and between it and Tabago over
the past few years,
Ohhh my Gawd, !  I thought we were finished with that lot when we left the Indian Ocean, but NO ! It seems not,
So, we will leave Tabago to port  and then around the south of Granada and up the west coast to St. George.
We had a great days sailing yesterday, a solid 20 / 25 knot NE breeze giving us a starboard broad reach, we had the
benifit of a 2 knot current with us, so we were sailing merrily along at 9  to  10 knots for most of the day.
The sun shon brightly all day , and then we had a fantastic big, BIG Moon climb up over the eastern horizon shortly after sunset.
A full moon always seems bigger and brighter than any other Moon, but last night it was like daylight,
For 24hrs up to 6pm , we covered 207 miles, breaking the 200 mile barrier for the first time on this leg. 200 miles is
a good day at any stage, but our best in that respect was across the north coast of Australia, where we carried the " KITE "
for 3 days and nights in perfect conditions and covered 612 miles in the 3 days,
Aileen cooked a " Fragrent Chicken Curry for dinner, plus wild rice, it was yum, yum, and we ate in the cockpit, as we do
almost every day. No sardines for dessert tonight, thanks very much.
The night sailing was wonderfull, what a turn around, a couple of days ago, the sheppard was kicking his dog, today he
is kissing his dog, yes, thats how it goes,
It was great to see Ireland beat the socks off England in the Six Nations Cup at the new stadium in Dublin yesterday, well done Ireland
for putting a stop to England winning the " Tripple Crown " and possibly the " Grand Slam " and it will certainly give skipper some
bragging rights among the English boats, ( who still have not recovered from loosing the Cricket to Ireland )
Thats it for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde,  ( Skipper )