Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 3 Mar 2011 13:02
WEDNESDAY    2nd  MARCH  2011
Recife, is the capitol of Pernambuco, a region or County on the NE side of Brazil.
Recife has a population of 1.8 million people and is a very important City in Brazil and especially for the annual Carnivals,
It has fantastic beaches, covered with thousands of scantilly clad girls and guys, strutting around showing off their assetts.
the only trouble with these wonderfull beaches is that you are not encouraged to swim, yes, no swimming, thats unless
you want to be eaten by sharks,
07.45 We joined most of the other sailors at the Yacht Club and headed off in a big comfortable a/c coach. for a tour of Recife and
its adjoining older city of  "Olinda "   Olinda is a very pretty and colourfull city, and was originally the centre of buisness
in Brazil. Most of the wealthy merchants lived in this city, so therefore it has a good collection of fine Residences all
overlooking the harbour of Recife,
This was important, because the merchants could see from their houses what sailing ships were comming and
going to the city and therefore could make their way down to the docks to meet the boats and do their buisness.
The city is almost ready for its annual carnival with all the houses and buildings being decorated and painted, plus all the painted
portraits, and miles and miles of colourfull streamers along the sides of the streets.
The Carnival kicks off tomorrow, thursday and will continue for 5 days, and much longer in other places,
Our lady guide emphasised the sensual nature of the carnival and kept referring to the sexy girls and fellows.
(We have our balcony reserved to view the whole procession from start to finish. )
We were taken to many interesting places, including the dock area, where the government are spending a lot of money on renovating
the old warehouses as they did with the old Jail House, with hundreds of craftshop, restaurants , clay figurines, and sculpture shops,
not to mention art galleries,
It is interesting to see how the authorities here are developing their tourist trade, starting with Sun, Sand, & S* ( with no
swimming in the sea )  the Carnival is the big attraction, no one knows how it started, it just kinda happened.
but grew like "Cork week" into a huge money maker for the locals, except here , the government recognised its potential from the
very start and have continously funded and supported the whole venture.
Later, we went to the beach area, where we met Bob and Maggie ( Ocean Jasper ) while having lunch in one of these weigh
and pay places, How small is the world, there must be thousands of restaurants in this area, and they just happen to
be in the one we end up in.
When we were suitably stuffed, we left the restaurant and walked a short distance to the beach, Ohhhhh, what a sight,
the place was jammed with sun worshippers, many of them here fro the Carnival and all that goes with it.
We sat at the edge of the beach for a while, thats Joe & Judy ( Brown Eyed Girl ) The Bubbly Bev and Mo ( Tucanon )
Bob & maggie ( Ocean Jasper ) and ourselves, we discussed with the Yanks our impending trip up the east coast of the USA
as far as Maine, taking in " New Port "  " Block Island "   martha's Vinyard, Nantucket, Cape cod, and Newhampshire, where we
expect to meet our Daughter in law, " Christine", our grand children, Hector, and others from that side of the family.
They all live up in that region and will be very helpfull when we arrive there.
We walked back about 5km along the edge of the beach to the Marina, The lovely Yacht Club and smelly marina. phew, and whats more
the locals go fishing and swimming in this stink pot. but we will not let that get in the way of enjoying this wonderfull place.
 However, One cannot drink tap water around these parts, so we all have to be extreemly carefull not to wind up with " Jelly Belly "
Back at the Y.C. Joe, Judy , Skipper & Aileen had an evening meal, basically we all had steaks, and it was ok,
later, Skipper and Aileen joined John and Jenny , plus Dave & Sue on " Tzigane " for a few laughs, and plenty of night caps,
not to mention the huge cigars,   We also compared the differances between the  World ARC organisation and that
of the " Blue Water Rally " ( RIP ) so it became a late night,
Thats all for now,
Signed  :-   Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )