Lost in Time, Antigua,

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 12 Dec 2011 21:13
MONDAY 12 December 2011
Wer arrived early morning in Jolly Harbour in beautifull weather,
Not only that, but Mark the fisherman caught 2 large Mahi Mahi fish ( 18 / 20 lbs each ) on thursday
evening and then a monster Sail Fish on Friday morning just a few miles short of Antigua,
From Bee keeper to Fisherman, well we released them all as we would not be around long enough to eat them ,
so they live to tell the tale to some other fisherman,
The harbour was very shallow at the entrance, " A Lady" was reading 00 depth, usually we are aground when that happens
unless we are in very soft silt,
We cleared Customs, Immigration, and the Port Authorities before tying stern onto the marina,
Shortly after an " Amel 54" called - Sea Fever of Cuan - moored directly behind us,  The owners Trevor and Fiona are
from the wee North, and they are setting off in January around the World with " World ARC "
They had already been onto skipper in July by email about the trip,   Small World,
Saturday was a wet and miserable day, we did a bit of tidying up on the boat and later drove over to " Antigua Slipway "
in English Harbour where we enjoyed a few scoops before returning to Jolly Harbour and having a solid dinner ashore,
Lots of regge music playing in the background,
Sunday :-  Mark and John spent most of the morning sorting out their flights and later flew out to NY ,
Skipper , Trevor and Fiona went to a musical thing in Spring Hill overlooking English Harbour where we had food, a few drinks
and a great evening,  We returned later to the boats and crashed out ,
Monday was spent organising the paintwork, the varnish work, the bimini, and other bits long over due for attention,
thats boats, there is always the blinking list, that grows bigger everytime we look at it,
Thats it for now,
Signed :-  Skipper  ( Stephen Hyde )