Camdenl, Maine, USA

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 22 Aug 2011 13:57
MONDAY  22nd AUGUST 2011
It poured rain , torrential rain all night last night, and the aft Deck light is still leaking despite skipper
sealing it with " Duck Tape " a few days ago, damn thing, however our saloon windows are not leaking anymore
as we had them resealed in West Brook, C.T.
Our mechanic " Gerard" has arrived to sort out the generator , hopefully, but now back to yesterday,
Sunday 21st 
Still wearing the " Yellow Jersey" from yesterday, skipper, Aileen and Mike went to the Marquis tent for breckfast
at 09.00hrs, this was followed by a briefing at 10.00hrs and off we went back to A lady , well , thats skipper
and Mike,
We set up the boat for todays race, again in thick fog, the fog varies from real thick soup to a lighter version
where visability improves to about a 1/4 mile,
Our class started at 13.15hrs and the rest of the class were made up of J boats , all different sizes,
The wind increased to a steady 22 knots so we had a great beat up the first 4 mile leg to the weather mark.
we kept pace with a J46 and a J44 to the weather mark and then passed the J44 on the reach to the next mark .
At this point the fog really got thick so we lost visual contact with the rest of the fleet
and had to rely on radar to avoid other boats and schooners in the area,
Then ,this idiot, in a large speed boat sped through the entire fleet in such conditions , where do these " River Cowboys"
come from, They would make a good prize for the " Somalia Pirates"
The down wind leg was dead downwind, so we goosewinged very comfortably down to the lewered mark,  visability
was less than 50 meters so we were not sure where the rest of the fleet were located at this point, but we finished
2nd overall on corrected time,
The weather forecast for tonight was really very bad, so we brought " A Lady " into the marina and rafted up
to " Wind Dancer" for the night,   Then off to the prize giving,
We got a prize for being 3rd overall , even though we missed a couple of days racing, and another prize for travelling the
longest distance to the regatta,  this prize consisted of 2 nights in a posh holiday resort a few miles away,
the name :-  Point Lookout  
We returned to " A Lady" and had dinner before reading more of the book on " Thomas J Lipton," 
later we watched an interesting DVD on making concreter work tops.
that concludes today,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde  ( skipper )