Sailing around the World ( Presently in Mackay, Australia, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 31 Jul 2010 03:39
FRIDAY  30 JULY  2010      ( Our daughter Sarah flies to the States to day )
Sarah is flying out the our granchildren in Newhampshire, USA, They are there with their parents on holidays, Paul and Christine, and their
granfather from the otherside,  ie christine's father, who travelled over from the Philipppines, His name being Hector, and has suggested that
he will visit us on the boat when we get to " Bali.".  We think that would be great,,,and look forward to meeting him again,
Meanwhile , back in Mackay, it is a beautifull morning for a change, blue skies and light winds,
09.00hrs, Chris arrived and with the rigger, they replaced the tricolour light and all the lights on the mast with LED bulbs.
The rigger checked the mast from head to toe again and replaced the outhaul for the mainsail,
The cost of this was frightning, GOD ! getting things done here is mighty expensive,
At lunch time, we drove to Caneland shopping centre, got food for tonight, Aileen doubled up on all the fruit and veg . and we loaded it all into
the car, and Niall and myself took off to the airport to return the car,
At the airport , skipper decided to drive into the taxi rank, park beside a taxi and off load all the goodies into the taxi, before parking the car in the return car park, as this was a long way from the taxi's and we did not want to carry all the stuff across the airport.
BUT :-
This feckin traffic bitch had other ideas and came flying over to the two of us plonkers sitting in the car and just about to negociate with the
taxi along side,  HEY !   Hey ! 
Oh shit ! says Niall , I think she has us in her sights, and sure enough, she had, the bitch !   "   HEY , MOVE  OUT of here, you are not allowed to come in here,"  she yelled,,  Skipper tried explaining that we just wanted to transfer the goodies......... ahhhh the witch would not even let us finish
what skipper was trying to explain,.............."  Get OUT before I have you arrested, and fined " 
Skipper gave her as good as he got, but got no where,,
She was a big ugly fat cow,  but skipper had to refrain from reminding her about that, so we had to put our tails beteen our legs and feck off.
Niall got out on the pavement further along and took all the goodies, while skipper parked the lovely car , returned the keys and got a taxi.
collected Niall and returned to the marina,
By the time we got to the boat, chris had good news and bad news, He had replaced the Inverter and it was working well, All skipper
and Niall had to do, was connect it all up and dismantle the temporary system that skipper had put in place when
the Invertor went belly up a few  weeks ago.  All this took an hour or so, and then every thing worked well..
so we gave Chris and his mate a large G & T , and of course we had one ourselves,
The Girls returned to the boat later and skipper put on the dinner around 17.00hrs,,  This consisted of a rack of pork ribs, roast spuds,
Creamed spuds, apple sauce, and carrotts,  it was excellent and we ate dinner in the " Starlight Restaurant " plus the richt amount of wine,,
which never seems enough at the time, but always too much the following morning,
Of course, we had lovely music playing all night,
The new LED lighting is not as good as expected,, too much like spotlights, and therefore very black and white lighting. frig...........
We had a lot of chatter to catch up on, so skipper fellasleep in the blinking cockpit. while the rest kept the talking going.
Thats all for now,
Signed,  :-    Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )