Sailing around the World, ( Presently in Australia. )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sun 1 Aug 2010 22:44
SUNDAY  1st  AUGUST  2010
A lovely morning in Scawfell Island.
07.00hrs   Skipper and Niall got up early to do some fishing, basically the taxi guy in Mackay told us that " Scawfell " was excellent
for coral trout, so we are going to have a go.
We launched the rib, got out all the fishing tackle we have on board, including a fly fishing rod, as a second rod was needed for Niall,
we also got out some prawns from the deep freeze and motored over to the edge of the coral reef, where we were told was the best place
to fish, well within 20 minutes, we dident have a prawn left, nor did we have a fish,
We tried in vain with other lures to catch something , but nothing doing, so an hour later, we headed back to " A Lady " and joined
Aileen and Mary for breakfast.  Lots of fruit and fruit juices,  plus the cornflakes , and cup of  " Barry's Tea "  ( and the cats me Aunt )
11.00hrs  We lifted the rib onto the derricks and headed for " Goldsmith Island "  just about 30 miles away,
The weather was beautifull and the wind very light, so we had to motor sail our way across the sea.
We saw no Whales today,, but lots and lots of algea bloom,
We arrived at our destination at 4 pm in perfect conditions and dropped anchor, The bay was picture perfect, A  lovely tree lined island
with miles of golden beaches,,  so we took the girls ashore in the rib before tackling the hydrolic pistons on the stb fwd, window in
the saloon,  We had these repaired in Mackay, but needed to be reinstalled.
Opps, Nearly forgot to mention, Aileen fell into the water when going ashore, this is not the first time,, just too egar to get onto terra firma.
There were about 8 boats anchored between this bay and the one next door, It surely is a picturesque place.
but then we are in the Whitsunday Islands, some of the worlds best cruising grounds are here, or so they say...
18.30hrs,  Mary did the dinner,  It consisted of meat balls and pasta,  just a lovely alternative dinner,
We were all flaked out, so had a real early night,
Thats all,
Signed :-   Stephen Hyde       ( Skipper )