Sailing around the World

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Mon 16 May 2011 11:42
SUNDAY  15th MAY 2011
The morning was dull and overcast and we had a lot of rain again during the night.
Following a swim, a light breckfast, we went ashore in the Rib just as it started to pour rain again,
this time we decided to rent a car which was reasonable, ( but we had to get a special drivers licence from the Police
station first,  50$ EC )
Off we went in our little rent a car to " Tyrolls"  ( a place name ) where the church was located and got 11 o clock Mass,
The singing at Mass was great,
At the end of Mass, we had a long chat with a girl / woman from Fermanagh who now lives in Antigua. She suggested " Cecilia's"
for lunch, It took us a while to find the place at High Point, just beyond the Airport,
The location was magnificant, right on the waters edge with the Sweedish flag flying from the end on the sandy spit. thats
because Cecilia is from Sweedan,
There were lots of familys there for lunch and the food matched the location, excellent, Of course the kids were fishing and having
a great time,
Later, we toddled off in the car once more and did a tour of the east coast ( Weather Coast ) which is very picturisque,
It did rain for the whole trip including our stop at the " Devils Bridge" so getting out to sample the air was a non runner,
We eventually stopped off at " Mamora Bay Resort" and talked our way into gettting into the place for a cup of coffee.
Yes, its a place that would fit the bill for a holiday , having all the pools, gyms, tennis courts, day trip boats, diving baots
and all the toys,
Later we returned to the Dock where we met Tom and invited him out to " A Lady" for a beer and some dinner,
The weather was lousy, but skipper got into making " meat cakes" thats with mince meat, onions, garlic, salt & pepper
mashed potatoes, and then fried on the pan, for a first effort it was good, plus a tin of baked beans,, yum, yum.
Tom is a great storey teller, so he kept us entertained untill 10.30pm when we decided to call it quits, Tom returned to his
boat in the flogging rain, and we hit the scratchers.
Nothing great about today,
Thats it.
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde   ( Skipper )