" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Tue 27 Apr 2010 23:03
SUNDAY 25th   APRIL    2010    ( Tahiti , South Pacific   )
We had a very slow get up in this wonderfull place, we listened to the traffic race up and down the quayside from an early hour,
Thats it, we are back in civilised society, Plenty of air and noise pollution,
Of the 270,000 people on the French Polynesian Islands, 230,000 of them live here on this Island, hence all the noise,
and another thing,,   no Bantham Cocks crowing in the morning,  we miss that lovely sound.. or maybe they are just being drowned
out by the noise of all the traffic.
Donal took off in a taxi in search of that elusive polynesian doll that " Clayton " wants him to shack up with or elope with !
and the Skipper would get a big bonus.......
Meanwhile , back at the ranch ( boat )  Aileen caught up with a load of washing and skipper did lots of fiddling around,
including setting up the new " Hubbel " connector for the shore power cable.
When complete, we hooked up to the shore power and for the first time since " Rodney Bay " in St. Lucia , last January, now we have shore power.
mind you we are not getting enough amps. but at least its a continous supply of power to the flayed out batteries.
Later we  ( A& S ) got a taxi to the Intercontinantal Hotel for a gawk around, and while we were there we had a light lunch,
Aileen had her usual rabbit food ( Luttice ) while the skipper was slightly more adventurous with an omlette,,
We arrived back to the boat where Donal was in the middle of preparing dinner for us and our guests tonight,
Guests included  ....... Bob & Maggie,  with Jimmy & Anna from " Ocean Jasper" and the three of us,,,
Dinner consisted of Fillet steak ( done to your wishes ) with rice and veg, Very tasty, even without the usual dose of gravey
desert consisted of strawberries, bannana's and cream.
All in all , very , very good. and we ate dinner in the cockpit , under the stars with backgroung music playing on board.
We discussed everything you could think of, but really got interesting when we discussed history and the impact of
people like " Ganges Kahn "  , " Ceaser " ,   Hitler,  George W  Bush, Stalin, Mao,  a few different Popes and of course Ian Paisley.
( to be continued at a later date )
Thats it ,
Signed :-     Stephen  Hyde     ( Skipper )