Greetings from Germany

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Thu 1 Sep 2011 20:27
Hello Aileen and Stephen,

I was very pleased to get an answer from you after such a long time!
As I can read and I hope you both are healthy and you won the fight against Irene! I always thought to you but I was hoping that you just leaved these dangerous places. But I am glad that you are o.k. and nothing happened to alady!

I always watched the way of Irene in the internet because there are still several yachts of the ARC staying in the Caribbean.
I have friends nearby New York and they didn´t have electric power for several days and with no power they didn´t have fresh water. Not too good.

Here where I am living the old farm house got several holes in the roof in a strong storm and blizzard we had. I never can imagin that this happend in the last 20 years. But a tiler came quickly to close all.
These heavy thunderstorms we are not used to and every year they get stronger.

Please take care of you!

Thanks for your answer, it made me really happy!
My best regards and wishes to you both and a save sail!