Sailing around the World ( presently in Mauritius, )

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 23 Oct 2010 11:43
FRIDAY  22nd October  2010
06.00hrs, Aileen went off to her now daily routine of  Mass.
On her return she then went off with the driver for Caudan Marina, to do a tour of her own with him around town, he does delivery trips every day,
so this was a handy way of getting around town and also having someone with first hand local knowledge..
Meanwhile back on board the boat, the rest of us had a light breakfast, well skipper had a light one of just cornflakes with banana,
and of course a nice cup of Mauritius tea, the rest ate for themselves.
A short time later, we set about trying out our new 12v pump for the freezer, Cripes, would you believe that no matter what we did , we just could not get the blinking thing to work. we checked back through all the wiring to the electrical panel to see if there was a fuse or trip swich or something causing
the problem,  but we could find nothing.
We decided in the end, that as the freezer still operates ok, why break it trying to fix it ............................... !
Andrew Bishop paid us a visit and had a glass of water, He had just arrived yesterday for the party and will sail with " Crazy Horse" to Reunion Island,
Can you rember the fun we had when he was on board that boat the last time, from Port Vila to Tanna in Vanuatu, and on eventually to Mackay in Australia.
13.30  We went off to the skippers briefing in the Hotel , this is to inform us about the next leg to Reunion Island , which starts tomorrow and is just 130 miles.Rally control also fill us in on what to expect when we arrive at the next destination. plus all t6he usual bits about customs etc etc.
which they will have already organised.
15.30hrs Susanna helped Skipper to complete setting up his new HP while there in the ARC office,we Skyped Aileens sister Michelle in Galway,  Its always good to talk to Michelle and get all the local news, especially about " Enda " .......
This all took plenty of time and I would think that Andrew was delighted when Skipper decided to leave, having learnt enough for today.
18.00hrs  Aileen cooked a mince dinner with spagetti and it was very tasty,
When we were finished and suitably stuffred, we waddled off to the Soufrin Hotel for some half price drinks,  and when we say 1/2 price , it is good value
and the happy hour usually lasts from 17.30hrs to about 21.30 hours,
2 G&T's cost 160 local currancy , thats about 3 euro's......
Later we returned to the boat and read about The Chineese horiscope and sharing some drinks with our neighbours from" Lady Lisa."
We ahd a great laugh and eventually made it to the scratchers.
Thats all for now,
Signed :-  Stephen Hyde    ( Skipper )