" A LADY TRIP " Sailing around the World, and avoidind the Shite at Home.

A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Fri 5 Feb 2010 16:37
THURSDAY  04th February 2010
06.00hrs We woke up to a COCK Crowing merrily on shore, you know something, it was just sooooo lovely to hear it.
07.00hrs We all jumped over the side yet again for that early refreshing dip, this time was to be the last for Grattan and Richard,
as they were flying home today, Richard had come out of his shell in the last few days and fitted in with the old fogies quite well,
09.00hrs  We took Grattan & Richard ashore and off they went in a taxi to the airport.(  1/2 mile journey )
10.30hrs A&S went ashore and rented a golf buggy to do a tour of the Island, We first went east along the road passing the airport on the way,
and low and behold . there was Grattan and Richard getting aboard the little 16 seater plane, A few photo's later and they were gone.
13.00hrs We stopped and had a light lunch, The Skipper minding his insides,
After lunch we travelled west along in our rattle trap buggy, ( remember the island is only 3.5 miles long) which was perfect for the Island transport.
The beaches here are splendid, pure white, very fine sand and lovely to walk on, and of course we had a swim while we were at it.
Skipper in his Shorts and Aileen in her Knickers, ( Stupid , of course we forgot the tog's) Aileen also collected a pile of shells,
The shells are for some future project at home, Thats if we ever go home or get home....
The interesting thing here is the difference between these Islands and the " San Blas Islands"   these are very hilly and covered in trees
and " Cantadora" in particular is very civilised and very clean, where as the San Blas Islands are very low, sandy little islands with mostly coconut
trees and undergrowth, and lots of rubbish around the edges ( No doubt supplied by passing ships and other places )
None the less, both are very pritty and interesting places to visit.
Leslie and Marie Auchincloss have actually a place here in " Isla Cantadora",  
16.00  S & A returned to the boat and letf Fat's and Kevin off in the  " buggy" to explore the island
18.30  S& A went ashore to meet the other two for Dinner in " Resteraunt Romantica ",,  Well well, guess what,
Aileen fell flat on the back into the sea when she was getting out of the rib onto the beach, there was a big enough swell running
at the tine and it was dark also ,, ,,
Needless to mention, she was saturated and decided to call it a day, so Skipper returned her to the ship and she watched a D.V.D for the evening, while
the " three Muskateers" went for the Dinner on their own, and a lovely dinner it was too.
As we got the rib into the surf, (difficult enough with the sea breaking onto the beach) and got the fat man on board, KEVIN, ohh feck, fell in,
and again, like poor Aileen, got soaked and worse still, his new Phone ( which he was so proud of ) also got soaked.
When we eventually got back on board the boat, The hairdrier was put into operation very quicly , not to dry the hair, but to dry Kevins Phone,
We had a good laugh about  the falling in , Well Fat's and Stephen thought it was funny, but not the other two.
Anyway it was an interesting day, a night cap, and all off to the scratcher....................zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Signed..........  Stephen,   the Skipper.