A Lady
Stephen Hyde
Sat 12 May 2012 12:05
FRIDAY  12th  MAY  2012
07.00hrs  Skipper was up like a shot out of a gun,
The Catamaran on the quay was leaving and promised us his slot, we did not want anyone else
jumping the Q.
We raised the anchor in squalley conditions and slipped over to the dock and tied up to the Cat,
An hour later, they left and we tied onto the Quay wall, at least we can step ashore,
Tom walked over to the Dock office and settled  our a/c & berth to next Wed. with Sandra, the dock master,
later , Voyaguer came alongside following a little confusion with rally control. the wind was soooo strong
and blowing us all up against the quay wall, We saw this very unusual fish, solid black in colour and at first
we thought it was a black plastic bag, then we noticed it had a neck with a head that looked like a big penis
and wings like a sting ray, it came over to the quay wall and began feeding on the growth of the wall ! weird,
Not even the locals had ever seen this before,
By midday, the weather had changed and the rain came bucketing down, with plenty of thunder & lightning
to boost the situation,  We all had lunch ashore sheltering out of th lashing rain,
Its funny the things that happen on boats, well maybe just skippers lack of experience in this field, Skipper
decided ( in the absence of everyone else ) to wash his lovely " Hermes " white shorts, these were now a few years
old but ones he loved. there were some stains to be removed , so skipper got out the Bleech and poured it
over the shorts, ( as one should do ! )  Oh My Gawd............  whats happening to my shorts, they melted, imagine
that, the shorts literally disintegrated in front of his eyes, ......Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
It was the end to the lovely white shorts, R.I.P.
Our plan was to go to dinner at 18.00hrs to the Royal Bermuda Y.C. .....  That plan had to be scrapped because
the club did not do dinner on friday nights, so we decided that skipper would cook a Thai Chicken and prawn curry
with rice on board the boat , we invited Dave & Sue , so we had 8 for dinner, and then our local friends Hugh & Debbie
O'Donnell ( originally from Wexford , Ireland , and we met them here last June ) joined us for some of Aileens chocklate
cake and wine, not to mention the sipping Rum that Tom bought,
We watched a DVD made by Arnaud of our trip to Galway on " A Lady" for the Volvo Ocean Race event in June 2009.
We had a great laugh at Aileens sister Michelle dancing around the deck to the sound of the band playing on
the quay wall ,
Thats all for now,
Signed :-   Stephen hyde  ( Skipper )